we’re going to ireland!

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last week, i YOLO-ed to the fullest and booked flights for marty and i to go visit our friends sarah and ryan in belfast, and i’m so excited i decided that this decision needed its own post.

the hawks moved to belfast in 2014 as ryan began earning his PhD from queens university (you can read about their decision to go here on sarah’s blog). i miss them terribly-clearly since the second most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done was to book a flight to denver last september to spend more time with them before they went back to belfast. sarah knows me pretty well and knew that if she didn’t pester the tar out of me, i would keep coming up with reasons to put off our inevitable trip to belfast. so last week when she sent me a great deal on a flight she found, i jumped on it and we’re going in august!

though i used to travel a lot with my last nanny gig, i’ve never had the opportunity to go to europe and i am SO EXCITED. and also a little terrified because marty and i have never travelled that far “by ourselves” (he’s never been out of the country and i’m used to a tour manager doing everything for me and me just showing up) so everything about this trip will be an adventure.

if you have any must-dos for belfast i would love to hear them! the only thing i feel like i NEED to see is the titanic museum, because jack and rose forever, but other than that i have no expectations! i’ve been re-reading julia and carly’s posts from their ireland trip last year trying to gather inspiration and must-dos, but really at the end of the day all i really want is to drink good beer, snuggle the hawk kiddos, and laugh with my friends.

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