valentine’s day.

(marty and i dancing at my cousin’s wedding last may)

at the end of last week when i was trying to plan out blog posts for this week, i thought to myself, “this will be easy. i’ll just shoot an outfit and then do a valentines gift guide.” said the girl that has never really celebrated and/or cared about valentines day. when you are awkward for the majority of your life, you quickly learn not to really care about valentines day outside of the box of chocolate your dad buys you every year. that being said, i did my best to come up with a valentines gift “guide” of sorts without any actual knowledge or experience giving gifts on valentines day.

our valentines plans will probably involve taco bell and krispy kreme, so if you wanna steal that idea you’re more than welcome to it. if you are into gift giving, i think i have some pretty solid suggestions below, if i do say so myself.

for him:
tie bar gift box-includes ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and socks; the new york times 36 hours book (a great gift and a great way to passive aggressively suggest a getaway), cool nikes, engraved flask, comfy robe, sunglasses, his favorite album on vinyl

for her:
concert tickets (ariana grande is in nashville on valentine’s and reba is at the ryman the day after), a classic watch, pearl earrings, “i tolerate you” sweatshirt (its funny because its true), custom date keychain, a fun dress, rose all day candies

for the kiddos:
bae t-shirt, pinkalicious book set (pinkalicious is a favorite in my class), adventure kit, a sweet little rocking horse, any star wars dress up costume, trolls on DVD

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