’tis the season to be merry.

i recognize that these are not the best quality pictures, but, taking pictures inside is hard! so if anyone has any tips, please send them.


i’m trying to soak up as much christmas as i can. its my favorite time of year (duh) and i get really depressed at the thought that its almost over. i distinctly remember one time as a child laying in the floor after we had taken down our tree and picking up the fallen [plastic] needles and crying because christmas was gone. i’ve tried everything i can this year to make the christmas season last longer (our tree has been up since november 10), but ends up you can’t stop time and bam! here we are.

details: athleta sweater, j.crew thermal leggings, j.crew moccasins, tree, rug

also if you still need gifts, i put together a last minute gift guide here.

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  1. beccafarris.fashion@gmail.com says:

    thank you so much!

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