tiny life update + fifteen links.

(picture from this post last fall)

i’m back! sorta. still don’t have an outfit post for ya. oops. i am working on a northern ireland recap post, but i’m having some issues with my pictures/getting my pictures to my computer. so hopefully soon!!

okay, tiny life update before links: i don’t teach preschool anymore!! at least for now. who knows maybe i’ll go back one day, but for now i’m going to work for my dad part time and nanny part time. as a person that craves routine and hates change, i’m oddly excited for a sort of make my own schedule situation and for the variety it will offer. who knows maybe it will inspire me to do outfit posts again!

  1. praying real hard for everyone in the path of hurricane irma.
  2. still praying for those recovering from harvey, too. here’s a link to an amazon wishlist for victims, which is a great and easy way to donate.
  3. are you guys watching the sinner?! if you’re not…WATCH IT NOW AND TALK TO ME ABOUT IT!! i saw the ads for it and thought it was going to be one thing, and its something totally different and i’m really liking it. its also an interesting watch after just finishing the keepers on netflix. there are a lot of similarities between the two and could definitely be the basis of a lot of interesting discussions. if you have time…watch both. they’re both very intense and a lot to stomach, but so very compelling and interesting.
  4. can we just discuss how actually perfect reese witherspoon is. i’ve looked up to her for forever, and she’s the star of some of my all time favorite movies (cruel intentions, legally blonde, and sweet home alabama), but my love for her has grown exponentially this year. first of all, big little lies is probably my favorite thing i’ve watched on television. second of all, have you seen any of her covers this year? does the woman age? how can someone be so perfect! this glamour cover and article are my favorite so far. “what would happen if we encouraged all women to be a little more ambitious? i think the world would change.” REESE FOR PRESIDENT.
  5. these zara boots are a bit sleeker than my pair, and they are definitely at the top of my christmas list right now (which is 109 days away…eek!!)
  6. i feel like every one jumps on “cutting out” bandwagons, so i appreciated this article outlining good and bad reasons to cut dairy.
  7. when i read julia’s post about that sinking failing feeling and fear, i was immediately like “omg me too!!”. it was a great reminder that we (humans) are all just trying to do our best.
  8. have you guys noticed that abercrombie is actually so cute now? i seriously want all of these dresses (i don’t even know who i am anymore).
  9. LOVE this fall look on mckenna. i didn’t really think about lace for fall but i think it works!!
  10. definitely bookmarking brighton’s budget basics post. i’ve been meaning to create a budget for literally 7 years…maybe now is the time to finally get around to it!!
  11. birkenstock clogs aren’t actually coming back…are they?
  12. taking note of anna and gabe’s tips for when marriage gets tough.
  13. i will probably buy this j.crew sweater in all three colors.
  14. our pilgrimage festival wristbands came in the mail this week and i CANNOT WAIT!! the entire festival sounds awesome, but we all know i’m only going for justin timberlake (sorry not sorry).
  15. i’ve been dying over these free people boots for over a year now, but haven’t been able to justify the price (which i know is a weird sentence considering i bought these). i happened across this pair of dupes on poshmark for a much better price, and they should get here today! maybe i’ll even do an outfit post/review of them?

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