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we’re going to ireland!

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last week, i YOLO-ed to the fullest and booked flights for marty and i to go visit our friends sarah and ryan in belfast, and i’m so excited i decided that this decision needed its own post.

the hawks moved to belfast in 2014 as ryan began earning his PhD from queens university (you can read about their decision to go here on sarah’s blog). i miss them terribly-clearly since the second most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done was to book a flight to denver last september to spend more time with them before they went back to belfast. sarah knows me pretty well and knew that if she didn’t pester the tar out of me, i would keep coming up with reasons to put off our inevitable trip to belfast. so last week when she sent me a great deal on a flight she found, i jumped on it and we’re going in august!

though i used to travel a lot with my last nanny gig, i’ve never had the opportunity to go to europe and i am SO EXCITED. and also a little terrified because marty and i have never travelled that far “by ourselves” (he’s never been out of the country and i’m used to a tour manager doing everything for me and me just showing up) so everything about this trip will be an adventure.

if you have any must-dos for belfast i would love to hear them! the only thing i feel like i NEED to see is the titanic museum, because jack and rose forever, but other than that i have no expectations! i’ve been re-reading julia and carly’s posts from their ireland trip last year trying to gather inspiration and must-dos, but really at the end of the day all i really want is to drink good beer, snuggle the hawk kiddos, and laugh with my friends.

happiest place on earth.

a few weeks ago, marty and i took a vacation to our favorite place in the world: disney world. i know i know, we’re adults. why is our favorite vacation spot a place where the central character is a cartoon mouse. and i’ll tell you why: IT’S THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH PEOPLE. literally!! i’m considering doing a bigger blog post on all my disney tips (because if i counted correctly this was my 13th trip to a disney theme park so i know some stuff), but for now i’ll just talk about this trip.

outfit: free people shorts, similar black tshirt, flannel, nikes, rebecca minkoff crossbody, sunglasses

outfit details: BCBG romper (similar), j.crew sandals

outfit details: zara dress, rebecca minkoff crossbody, sunglasses, nikes

breakfast at the beasts castle! you normally have to book a reservation months and months  in advance, but sometimes they have walk in tables available and we got lucky and just walked right in. it was so cool and just how i’ve always pictured it to be. there was this main dining room from the big “beauty and the beast” scene, then another room with the torn up beast picture and the rose, and a third room like the dining room in “be our guest.” SO SO COOL.

outfit details: rails shirt, free people shorts, nikes, rebecca minkoff crossbody

the castle all lit up like this is the entire reason we went to disney world during the holidays. so unbelievably pretty.

outfit details: zara shirt, free people shorts, havianas flip flops

when we go to disney, we always get the park hopper ticket. that way we can enter and re-enter the parks as many times as we want to throughout the day. we usually go to all four parks, but since we had limited park time this trip, we decided to stick to just magic kingdom and epcot since you can ride the monorail between the two parks. we went to the parks on friday, sunday, and monday and had the best time bouncing between magic kingdom and epcot. i’ve always dreamed of seeing disney world decorated for christmas and it did NOT disappoint. talk about magical!! i even cried at one point because of how overwhelmed i was with the magic of it all.

we spent saturday exploring the new disney springs. if you’re familiar with disney world then you’ll know this is the “new” downtown disney with added restaurants and shopping. it’s AMAZING. so many unique restaurants and great new stores including zara and uniqlo (i had never been in uniqlo before and i am now obsessed). we also got to see the new christmas drone show while we were there. i know it sounds weird, but trust me, it was so so cool. here’s a youtube video of it. doesn’t do its justice but you get the idea.

we spent tuesday before our flight exploring the different disney properties. if you’ve never visited the different resorts while down there, marty and i highly recommend it. it’s so fun to see the different themes of each resort, and how magical each one is. we started the day with brunch at our favorite disney restaurant, the grand floridian cafe, located inside the grand floridian resort-which has the most beautiful christmas tree i’ve ever seen and a life size gingerbread house in the lobby. then, we rode the monorail around to our favorite resort, the polynesian. this resort is one of the original two that opened in 1971 when magic kingdom opened (disney nerd alert). marty and i love it because here you can grab a dole whip (YUM) and walk along the beach and see magic kingdom from the shore (another nerdy thing we like). after the polynesian, we drove over to the wilderness lodge to see its christmas decorations. this resort is AMAZING. i don’t even know how to explain how huge, yet super cozy it is. it’s like the worlds biggest cabin. plus there’s a really cool waterfall/stream that goes from the lobby to the pool and it’s just so neat.


if you’ve made it this far, i hope you enjoyed this super long disney recap. it really is my favorite place in the world (if you couldn’t tell by this point).




i took a short trip to denver last week to visit my friends sarah and ryan and their cutie kids, liam and jude who were back in the U.S. from northern ireland on “holiday” (to use the proper U.K. terminology) while they got some visa issues worked out.

ANYWAYS, i’ve been to denver twice before to visit, but this was the first visit that we’ve taken a trip up to breckenridge and OH MY GOODNESS i have never seen anything more beautiful. i didn’t plan on taking any outfit photos during my trip, but the town of breckenridge was the perfect backdrop. this might not be my cutest outfit i’ve ever worn, but it was functional for walking around town and staying warm because it was ACTUALLY fall there. amazing.

details: similar free people tunic, j.crew distressed denim, nike shoes, similar rebecca minkoff bag

my sister friend sarah who did my hair and took my outfit photos for this post 🙂

in my carry-on.

i leave first thing tomorrow morning for a fun last minute trip (thank you cheap southwest flights and a very nice boss for the last minute days off), so i thought that i would share the things that i pack in my carry on.

let me preface this post by saying that i travelled A LOT with my last job and i learned how to prioritize the things i needed for all the plane rides. i definitely don’t think that i have carry on packing down to a science for the general public, i just have it down to a science for ME. i also fully believe in checking a bag because this girl needs options and full size beauty products (you know, in case of a mud fight or the apocalypse or other really realistic scenarios).  so, without further ado, the things in my carry on…

1.) the bag: i bought this free people bag last fall and it is probably the smartest thing i’ve ever purchased for travel/life in general. it holds so many things, goes with everything, and the inner pouch can even be taken out and used as an easy clutch. trust me, you need this bag.

2.) iPad/headphones: i would love to say that i use plane rides to be super productive or read or do something semi intelligent, but nope. i take full advantage of southwest’s free satellite tv and use any air time to watch bravo and hgtv. if for some (truly unfortunate) reason the southwest wifi is not working, i always have tv shows loaded on to my iPad as back up. tomorrow i actually plan on watching/finishing downton abbey since its september and i’ve yet to finish the series. oops. these headphones are both cute and affordable, and get the noise cancelling job done.

3.) wallet: this one is obvious. since i’m not superwoman and i don’t pack snacks for my flights, i stock up on over priced airport treats. this kate spade glitter wallet is one of my proudest outlet finds. while in florida earlier this year, i ended up scoring this wallet for $25 during a major outlet sale. it holds SO MUCH and the subtle glitter actually goes with nearly everything. i love it so much. this is the same wallet, just a different print. its totally worth the investment.

4. passport: another obvious one. i love having a passport case to throw all my important documents in for easy access.

5. notebook/pen: i’m not great at keeping a planner, but i love making lists and it makes me feel like a real grown up having a cute notebook and pen available to jot down random thoughts.

6. lotion, chapstick, and face mist: everyone knows recirculated plane air makes your skin as dry as the desert from the moment of take off. i like having all of these things on hand to help my skin keep its moisture and to keep me from looking like a wrinkly old bag.

7. tide to go pen: i always without fail spill my coffee on myself on plane rides. i actually should travel with 15 of these at minimum.

8. refreshing wipes/deodorant: while everyone else on the planet freezes on airplanes, i for some reason sweat profusely. these wipes are wonderful for feeling fresh after a long plane ride, and deodorant is a no brainer.

9.) advil: i always get the WORST headaches on airplanes. no matter how many times i’ve flown, my body just never gets used to the pressure and altitude changes and all of those fun things (insert eye roll emoji).


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