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hot [out] here.



thanks to this weirdo weather we’re having, its october 30 and i’m wearing shorts and sandals. do i live in florida? brazil? the sun? seriously what is with 90 degrees of heat outside? summer was great and all, but its getting old. however, since its going to be unseasonably warm for the next who knows how long, order this romper!! its marked down to $10 and there are still some sizes left!

details: old navy romper, j.crew slides, sunglasses (so great-i have them in three colors!)

easy like..

if i’m being completely honest, i do my best not to put on “real” clothes, brush my hair, or wear makeup on sundays (i know, its very unsouthern of me). however, one thing that can get me up and ready is brunch (#basic). i will get dressed and look presentable for some biscuits and chicken, and what better way to get to the carbs faster than a romper.

details: romper, sandals, fitbit band, sunglasses

some of my favorite nashville brunch places..
the honeysuckle

acme feed & seed

kitchen notes

local taco

tupelo honey cafe