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coffee talk.

(my preschool pals at our friend ellen’s wedding this past november)

one of the best parts about teaching preschool was that i worked with some of my best friends, and now even six months after leaving, i still miss being with them everyday!! catching up about our weekends while making a pot of coffee was the best…so in the spirit of missing my friends and our “coffee talks”..i bring you coffee talk. obviously to be pronounced just like the snl sketch.

-i had a really awesome experience in sephora on saturday. if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my insta story about it. long story short, i went in to look for make up and the person that helped me was SO NICE, which rarely happens when i go there! the lady that helped me is a makeup artist and recommended this smashbox BB water stuff and i’m loving it so far. it literally feels like i’m wearing nothing.

-marty and i started watching seinfeld this weekend and i like it so far! except am i supposed to hate elaine? because i hate her a little.

-i’ve also been sucked back into the grey’s anatomy black hole. i was vehemently against the show ever since derek was mercilessly murdered for no good reason, but unfortunately  i still “like” it on facebook so i see updates and commercials and things. a few weeks ago they were advertising the episode where matthew morrison plays jo’s ex husband and after seeing the ad for a week i caved and watched it. guys, somehow after 4000 seasons, that show is STILL good. since then i’ve been in a deep binge catching up on the last two seasons. thank goodness for netflix and hulu.

-this is my current favorite outfit. my mom gave me this j.crew sweater for christmas and i am OBSESSED (its not online anymore but this one is pretty similar). the tag says dry clean only but i just wash it on delicate by itself and its been holding up just fine. i’m actually wearing it as we speak with these grey jeans and my favorite peter nappi flats. lets talk about these crop flare jeans. i was very weary of the crop flare trend for a long time, but i found these babies for cheap at old navy and i could not love them more. because i’m a giant, i ordered the tall length and i think they’re perfect. i feel so chic and grown up when i wear them.


okay i think thats all i have to talk about now. i’m sure y’all will be waiting on pins and needles for my next post like this 😉

have a great week!!



i seriously almost titled this post “am i wearing pants” but decided not to draw attention to the obvious. YES i’m wearing pants guys but isn’t the best part of summer eating all of the ice cream and wearing flowy shirts with shorts?!

this adorable shirt is from this new boutique in brentwood called dress up. guys its SO CUTE. and everything in the store was less than $50. and its less than 50 feet from my work (a small exaggeration but its really close), which is dangerous for me.

details: shirt (i can’t find it online for some reason, but they have a million cute shirts), old navy shorts, j.crew flip flops

this time last week…

oh to be on vacation again.

marty and i had a great week in panama city beach last week. we spent the first half of the week with my brother and sister in law, and then met up with my friend kathleen and her family for the last half of the week. it was so great to just sit all day and truly relax for the first time in a while! we ate lots and lots of delicious seafood (of course) and our favorites were schooners and runaway island (you’ve gotta get the dream pie!!).

for this trip, my suitcase was full of easy, throw on and go t-shirt dresses which, as you know, are my summer uniform.

details: forever 21 striped dress, old navy sandals


easter sunday.


(having a kenya moore twirl twirl twirl moment 🙂 )

so on saturday i kinda had an easter meltdown.
i had ordered the above dress and this dress, but i wasn’t confident about my shoe options, so in a panic i bought this dress at the last minute.

then easter morning i didn’t love my new option either so i just went with my original gut feeling and it worked! at least i feel like it did, so if you disagree maybe keep it to yourself?

i’m SO glad i went with the floral midi dress. it fit me well without being too tight or loose. everything stayed in place and i didn’t have to spend the whole church service tugging and pulling. its more than long enough, so when the wind started aggressively blowing i didn’t have to worry about showing my bits. and the floral pattern really is pretty perfect.

also, i highly recommend that everyone get a pair of [fake] rockstuds to have in your closet. i’ve worn mine SO MANY times and they’re honestly so comfortable and go with so many things! if i could invest in the real deal i totally would.

details: old navy midi dress (white is sold out, but its still available in other colors/patterns) and sole society shoes (another good faux option)


star print + new hair.

printed jeans are so far out of my comfort zone, but i fell in love with these star jeans the second i saw them. i’ve learned that white jeans don’t do anything for me other than excentuate my cellulite, but the subtle print distracts from my flaws. and these jeans are pretty thick for white jeans and aren’t see through which is an added bonus.

also, my hair is darker! i’ve been mostly blonde for about 7 years, but it’s just so much maintenance. if i had all the time and money in the world, i would be super blonde (like i was here), but until i win the lottery my god given color will have to do. once again, laura killed it. if you’re in nashville and need a hair girl, i cannot recommend laura enough!!

details: j.crew star print jeans, j.crew shirt, old navy sandals

i need space.

i walked by this shirt in nordstrom a few years ago and i immediately bought it, no questions asked. if you know me, you know i’m not touchy feely and i literally need my space. also, i teach a class of stage five clinger 3 year olds, the shirt speaks for itself really.

details: suburban riot t-shirt, j.crew factory jacket, old navy jeans, marc fisher ltd boots




a long time ago, old navy had some sort of “premium” line of clothes. i don’t understand what purpose it served, but this dress was part of that collection and i just love it so much. its a great length, a great color, a really cute pattern, and pretty perfect for springtime.

details: old navy shirt dress (similar, similar) and dolce vita booties

easter dress shopping.

(easter circa 1991 with my mom and my mimi)

maybe (most likely) its just a southern thing, but picking out my easter dress has pretty much always been a big deal. obviously when i was younger, my mom got to pick. but as i got older, choosing the perfect dress was a very important task (gotta look your best for jesus’ big day you know).

growing up, i was always on a budget for my easter look, and that idea has definitely stuck through adulthood (i just ordered this dress and this dress for this year). below, i’m rounding up some budget friendly options for y’all ($50 and under), in case you’re in need for some easter outfit planning inspo!

flowy and floral (zara, $49.90)
a very “easter” blue (nordstrom, $29.40)
long sleeve, mock neck floral (nordstrom rack $14.97)
embroidered shift dress (gap, $34.99)
short sleeve striped shirt dress (asos, $34)
simple scallops (j.crew factory, $41.50)
asymmetrical hem (free people via macy’s, $45.49)
lace-up jumpsuit (target, $27.99)
gauzy and comfortable white (old navy, $28)
bell sleeve tunic dress (nordstrom rack, $17.50)
ruffled cold shoulder (zara, $39.90)
fun gingham tunic (brickyard buffalo, $18.99)
tulip hem maxi (nordstrom, $42)
embroidered hem jumpsuit (asos, $39)
wrap front (shopbop, $42)
pretty lace (nordstrom, $49)
embroidered, gingham, and off the shoulder (asos, $31)
ruffle hem midi (old navy, $39.94)
classic polka dots (h&m, $34.99)

short sleeve “twofer” shirt dress (nordstrom rack, $44.97)
floral maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
patchwork print maxi (nordstrom, $38.90)
ruffled chambray dress (j.crew, $49.99)
knotted off the shoulder (nordstrom rack, $32.97)
eyelet flounce dress (j.crew factory, $39.99)
striped linen dress (old navy, $34.94)
open shoulder maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
floral high neck trapeze dress (nordsrom rack, $52.97-i know its over $50, but its SO easter-y!!)
paisley print (forever 21, $38)
long sleeved satin shift (nordstrom, $37.20)
woven cold shoulder (nordstrom rack, $27.97)
denim tassel dress (forever 21, $48)
floral shirt dress with pockets (gap factory, $46.99)
drop hem ruffle dress (asos, $30)




this overall skirt situation was one of my more random late night online shopping finds. and you’ll never guess where i found it-old navy! for $14! i may never win anything ever, but at least i’m a pro online shopper.

i’m not hating this no-winter winter we’re having. i’ve logged a lot of patio time so far and i don’t plan on stopping any time soon (#basic).

details: old navy overalls (similar), similar striped t-shirt, golden goose sneakers


the one where becca runs.

[if you can tell me what tv show this post title is referencing, i’ll give you a cookie..]

i’ve talked about my workout routine a little here and here, but i really need whatever workout i’m doing to keep me entertained and not bore me. i don’t run as much as i want/used to, but lately i’ve been trying to squeeze in a short jog at least once a week just to take advantage of the not winter we seem to be having here in tennessee. it just seems like a waste not to you know?

details: old navy shirt (can’t find it online anymore, but this is a very similar long sleeve version), old navy leggings, nikes, fitbit