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coffee talk.

(my preschool pals at our friend ellen’s wedding this past november)

one of the best parts about teaching preschool was that i worked with some of my best friends, and now even six months after leaving, i still miss being with them everyday!! catching up about our weekends while making a pot of coffee was the best…so in the spirit of missing my friends and our “coffee talks”..i bring you coffee talk. obviously to be pronounced just like the snl sketch.

-i had a really awesome experience in sephora on saturday. if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my insta story about it. long story short, i went in to look for make up and the person that helped me was SO NICE, which rarely happens when i go there! the lady that helped me is a makeup artist and recommended this smashbox BB water stuff and i’m loving it so far. it literally feels like i’m wearing nothing.

-marty and i started watching seinfeld this weekend and i like it so far! except am i supposed to hate elaine? because i hate her a little.

-i’ve also been sucked back into the grey’s anatomy black hole. i was vehemently against the show ever since derek was mercilessly murdered for no good reason, but unfortunately  i still “like” it on facebook so i see updates and commercials and things. a few weeks ago they were advertising the episode where matthew morrison plays jo’s ex husband and after seeing the ad for a week i caved and watched it. guys, somehow after 4000 seasons, that show is STILL good. since then i’ve been in a deep binge catching up on the last two seasons. thank goodness for netflix and hulu.

-this is my current favorite outfit. my mom gave me this j.crew sweater for christmas and i am OBSESSED (its not online anymore but this one is pretty similar). the tag says dry clean only but i just wash it on delicate by itself and its been holding up just fine. i’m actually wearing it as we speak with these grey jeans and my favorite peter nappi flats. lets talk about these crop flare jeans. i was very weary of the crop flare trend for a long time, but i found these babies for cheap at old navy and i could not love them more. because i’m a giant, i ordered the tall length and i think they’re perfect. i feel so chic and grown up when i wear them.


okay i think thats all i have to talk about now. i’m sure y’all will be waiting on pins and needles for my next post like this 😉

have a great week!!

j.crew sales & steals.

(image from this post)

j.crew has a lot of sales, but right now they’re having an exceptionally great one. its that sweet time of year where last year’s spring/summer items are still on sale AND lots of fall/winter items are getting marked down. get your credit cards ready because there is just SO MUCH good stuff on sale right now-and you can take an extra 50% off at checkout. YES PLEASE. i tried to only link to items that are under $50 and in stock in lots of sizes so that everyone can have a shot at some great deals!

happy shopping!!

now is a great time to try out a bodysuit without breaking the bank! j.crew has this off the shoulder style, this ruffle front wrap style, and this plain wrap style.

this buffalo check shirt jacket is the perfect layering piece and would look great paired with  a chambray, skinnies, and bean boots.

the peter pan collar on this plaid shirt is a cute and ladylike twist on a classic.

allll the workout gear, please! these leggings are great basics, the cherry print on these shorts is adorable (and theres a matching crop top/sports bra!), these sports bras are less than $10, the tie back detail on this sports bra is so cute (but i don’t think its very practical), and this vest would make a great layer for the gym during the winter!

i love the raw hem and the wash on these toothpick jeans.

i actually bought this velvet peplum tank last year and accidentally shrunk it so now would be a good time to grab a new one. also in the velvet category…this perfect velvet jumpsuit (that i know i’ve mentioned before but its so great its worth mentioning again).

this tunic sweatshirt would just be a good thing to have around.

i’m loving the star trend and this cami is no exception.

i have this vneck in two colors and you really can’t beat a $3 price tag.

every piece of sale jewelry is incredible..and all under $30 after the discount.

i’ve preached the goodness of j.crew swimwear lots before. trust me on this guys.

camp socks are the best (i would’ve linked the women’s pairs but they’re sold out).

marty has every color of the dock shorts. they’re the best.

i love the stripes on this button down.

the garment dyed pocket tees are awesome, and this is a great color.

you can never go wrong with classic flannel pj pants.

this chambray bowtie would be great for easter.

the perfect long sleeve striped tee.

ok these workout tights are awesome (yes, they’re for dudes). and the shorts to go with them.

basic white layering tank.

the cutest knit headband/earwarmer.

i wish this pizza beanie came in my size..with matching pizza purse.

LOVE these overalls.

someone please buy this star print jumpsuit for their daughter, its too good.

this is a fun little everyday dress.

these snow boots are amazing.

the girls swimsuit selection is just as good-if not better-than the womens.

love these little monster pjs.

the junior version of marty’s favorite shorts.

a classic tie.

how fun is this robot mask beanie?

these jeans are so cute.

these lined camo sweats are really cool and look very comfy.

this baby ludlow suit vest is so freaking cute i can’t handle it.

too many fun t-shirts to pick a fave.

this backpack would be great for a boy or a girl.







i seriously almost titled this post “am i wearing pants” but decided not to draw attention to the obvious. YES i’m wearing pants guys but isn’t the best part of summer eating all of the ice cream and wearing flowy shirts with shorts?!

this adorable shirt is from this new boutique in brentwood called dress up. guys its SO CUTE. and everything in the store was less than $50. and its less than 50 feet from my work (a small exaggeration but its really close), which is dangerous for me.

details: shirt (i can’t find it online for some reason, but they have a million cute shirts), old navy shorts, j.crew flip flops

so much j.crew.

this is the j.crew-iest of j.crew outfits i could put together i think. and tip toeing on the side of preppy for me, but i don’t hate it.

this dress is from a few years ago and the BEST. i actually had it in three colors at one point: navy, white, and a neon orangey/pink. i got rid of the neon one in an attempt to pare down my wardrobe (ha!) and i regret it so much. its such an easy dress to dress up or down (or wear as a beach cover up), and its so roomy and comfortable that a kid once asked me if i was pregnant while wearing it.

details: j.crew dress (this one is similar-ish-looks just as comfy!) and sandals, j.crew factory jacket

ends up sunscreen is important.

okay so heres the deal:
on our first day of vacation a few weeks ago, marty went to go play golf and i went to the beach by myself. i thought i had done a decent job spraying my back, but since i was all alone and no one was there to double check, i got burned. burned bad. and i also got the worst tanlines in the history of tanlines because my back burned in a splotchy u-shape and the front of my legs burned but the back of my legs didn’t.

so the moral of the story is don’t go to the beach alone between the hours of 11 and 2 because its impossible to know how well you sprayed your back but you also shouldn’t talk to strangers so just avoid the situation altogether.

details: j.crew palm print one piece (this season’s version), free people runaway cutoffs (my favorite)

star print + new hair.

printed jeans are so far out of my comfort zone, but i fell in love with these star jeans the second i saw them. i’ve learned that white jeans don’t do anything for me other than excentuate my cellulite, but the subtle print distracts from my flaws. and these jeans are pretty thick for white jeans and aren’t see through which is an added bonus.

also, my hair is darker! i’ve been mostly blonde for about 7 years, but it’s just so much maintenance. if i had all the time and money in the world, i would be super blonde (like i was here), but until i win the lottery my god given color will have to do. once again, laura killed it. if you’re in nashville and need a hair girl, i cannot recommend laura enough!!

details: j.crew star print jeans, j.crew shirt, old navy sandals

fifteen links.

  1. i bought 52 lists for happiness on a random amazon whim, and i love it so much. i know you’re only supposed to do a list a week, but i’ve already done several. i HIGHLY recommend this book/journal, especially if you struggle with anxiety. plus, its just so stinking cute!
  2. i added lots of dresses to my easter dress shopping post!
  3. my friend sarah recommended erin’s instagram last week, and her account quickly became my favorite. and ends up she just launched a blog, too, which of course is adorable. what i love most about her instagram and her blog is that she writes the way she talks (i mean i’m guessing because i obviously don’t know her IRL) and is just so REAL. also, her home is INCREDIBLE. this book wall? i die.
  4. have y’all seen this house hunters spoof, church hunters? every john crist video i watch is hysterical, but this one is just SO on point. gosh i hate millennials.
  5. i found this bralette while wandering through nordstrom rack the other day, and i think i’m going to order every color it comes in. it looks EXACTLY like this free people one (that i have in 3 colors already), except its padded! hallelujah thank you jesus i can wear this thing with more than just super loosey goosey tops!!
  6. the zara founder apparently makes more money in a day than i do in a week so thats pretty cool.
  7. i was innocently browsing the nordstrom sandal section and these strange looking things popped up. what is even happening here? who would pay money for these?!
  8. brighton wrote a really encouraging post about comparison and not feeling good enough.
  9. have y’all tried hello fresh? i’m really considering it. mainly because i hate grocery shopping with a flaming passion. pros? cons? other recommendations?
  10. i’m on the hunt for a new tote and i think this free people one is at the top of my list.
  11. i don’t watch the bachelor so i don’t feel like i appreciated this post as much as others, but how INCREDIBLE does finland look? i follow mackenzie and katie on instagram and was just in love with every post. i mean cmon they met santa AT HIS WORKSHOP.
  12. i bought these star print jeans last week and got TONS of compliments when i wore them. i like them so much more than i thought i would, and i think i can wear them a lot more than i thought i would, too!
  13. i also picked up this t-shirt last week because i saw amber wearing it in a recent post and thought it was wildfox-until i clicked the link!
  14. i have a (much needed) hair appointment tomorrow, and this emma roberts smoky quartz situation is the look i’m going for i think. if i don’t chicken out that is.
  15. i’m trying to clean out my closet and selling lots of stuff over on my poshmark (username @beccadaniels), including a pair of rag & bone newbury boots, which i raved about in this post.
jeans & a t-shirt.

you can just never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. the cut of this t-shirt is so flattering and a great staple to have in your closet for those days you just don’t know what to wear-which for me happen every single day. its a shame this shirt doesn’t come in multiple colors; i’d have a whole throw on and go arsenal.

details: fairchild shirt, j.crew jeans, forever 21 hat (similar), dolce vita booties (similar)

ps: i highly recommend checking out the entire fairchild line (here or here). every piece is BEAUTIFUL. i only own this shirt and this star top, but i’ve got my eyes on this moto jacket, this blazer, this knit dress, and this embroidered blouse.



i know what you’re all thinking.
i teach preschool, why would i ever spend THAT much money on a pair of boots?

well, i’ll tell you:

  1. i’ve literally been thinking about the lowland boots for two years nonstop. i’ve even had more than one dream about them i love them that much.
  2. i’ve tried on multiple pairs of dupes that looked and felt cheap, but that didn’t necessarily have a cheap price tag. i’m just not going to spend $200 on a cheap pair of boots that i would have to replace in a year. i also considered buying a pair pre owned from poshmark or eBay, but i couldn’t find a pair in decent condition for less than $500, and paying that much for a pair of worn shoes seems crazy to me.
  3. i follow many MANY bloggers that own these boots, and every one of them says that the stuart weiztman boots last a lifetime. they are truly a timeless investment.
  4. the specific pair i bought (the trio) are a unique twist on the classic lowland style that seemingly every blogger has. when i saw them marked down 40% on christmas day, i started really considering taking the plunge.
  5. YOLO and treat yo’self. though a very immature reason, its a good one. my husband and my dear alice both brought up the fact that this is a big purchase no matter the circumstances and that i’m always going to struggle with wanting them versus wanting to drop that kind of cash on them so i might as well just go for it and enjoy the shoes.
  6. biting the bullet and in investing these boots has helped me really consider every purchase i make and think about my closet as a long term investment, rather than just a place to hold the products of my retail therapy.

i feel like i’ve truly invested in my closet and myself with this beautiful pair of boots (i know that sounds dumb), and i don’t expect anyone to really understand it. however, if you do get it and you’re ever wanting to make a large purchase like this, i will be more than happy to help you pro/con it and search for the best deal 🙂

details: j.crew button down (similar), j.crew jeans, stuart weitzman boots (sold out, available in brown here), zara purse (similar)


not a potato.

we’ve all seen (and related to) that saying on instagram, “when an outfit looks cute in my head but when i put it on i look like a potato.” i touched on it a little in this post, but i’ve been feeling majorly uninspired lately (still working on that resolutions post-whoops), and i’m just not loving ANYTHING i put on my body. however, when i got dressed yesterday morning, i actually loved what i had come up with. i got these nikes from the net-a-porter final clearance sale for something like $50, and i cannot describe how much i love them. I LOVE THEM. they’re so comfortable, so unique, and they’re definitely helping me through my style rut.

details: j.crew shirt, gap jeans (similar), nikes (similar)

photos by lauren dickens