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i’m not one to post tons of outfit selfies on instagram, but i’ve been trying to get better about it. especially in this crap tastic weather we’ve been having lately, its not like i’ve exactly been inspired to go out and take lots of outfit photos. so here’s a wee little instagram round up of outfits recently. lots of these things are on sale, too!

i know i posted this picture already on my hair post, but it was worth posting again because i’m obsessed with this sweatshirt and its on major sale right now!

yes i’m an idiot and wore shorts in the snow..but not for long! these are my absolute favorite workout shoes right now though!! they go with everything and give lots of support, which is great because i do a lot of HIIT workouts at home when i don’t have time to get to the gym.

i love this t-shirt because its basically the $35 version of the nearly $600 gucci one. i could never justify a $600 t-shirt but i can certainly justify a $35 one (milan version is sold out, but this venice version is just as cute).

we celebrated our sweet friend rachel a few weekends ago with a fiesta themed bridal shower! i was very into my outfit (not to toot my own horn) and i’m obsessed with this shirt so much that i bought it in two colors.

this is an older picture, BUT these something navy x treasure and bond mules are now less than $30!! what a steal!!


have a great week!!

glimpse of spring.

gosh last weekend was lovely. ESPECIALLY after the buckets of snow we had practically all week.

i actually have this free people dress in two colors-the black/brown/green combo i’m wearing here and in a red and navy combo i’m wearing in this post. what i love most about this dress is that it works in basically every season. the material is lightweight enough for warmer temps and perfect for layering in colder weather. the dress would also look great styled as a tunic with faux leather leggings or super skinny jeans.

outfit details: topshop beanie (similar, similar), free people dress, braletteray bans, converse, necklace (the perfect christmas present from my bestie kathleen)

ends up sunscreen is important.

okay so heres the deal:
on our first day of vacation a few weeks ago, marty went to go play golf and i went to the beach by myself. i thought i had done a decent job spraying my back, but since i was all alone and no one was there to double check, i got burned. burned bad. and i also got the worst tanlines in the history of tanlines because my back burned in a splotchy u-shape and the front of my legs burned but the back of my legs didn’t.

so the moral of the story is don’t go to the beach alone between the hours of 11 and 2 because its impossible to know how well you sprayed your back but you also shouldn’t talk to strangers so just avoid the situation altogether.

details: j.crew palm print one piece (this season’s version), free people runaway cutoffs (my favorite)

easter dress shopping.

(easter circa 1991 with my mom and my mimi)

maybe (most likely) its just a southern thing, but picking out my easter dress has pretty much always been a big deal. obviously when i was younger, my mom got to pick. but as i got older, choosing the perfect dress was a very important task (gotta look your best for jesus’ big day you know).

growing up, i was always on a budget for my easter look, and that idea has definitely stuck through adulthood (i just ordered this dress and this dress for this year). below, i’m rounding up some budget friendly options for y’all ($50 and under), in case you’re in need for some easter outfit planning inspo!

flowy and floral (zara, $49.90)
a very “easter” blue (nordstrom, $29.40)
long sleeve, mock neck floral (nordstrom rack $14.97)
embroidered shift dress (gap, $34.99)
short sleeve striped shirt dress (asos, $34)
simple scallops (j.crew factory, $41.50)
asymmetrical hem (free people via macy’s, $45.49)
lace-up jumpsuit (target, $27.99)
gauzy and comfortable white (old navy, $28)
bell sleeve tunic dress (nordstrom rack, $17.50)
ruffled cold shoulder (zara, $39.90)
fun gingham tunic (brickyard buffalo, $18.99)
tulip hem maxi (nordstrom, $42)
embroidered hem jumpsuit (asos, $39)
wrap front (shopbop, $42)
pretty lace (nordstrom, $49)
embroidered, gingham, and off the shoulder (asos, $31)
ruffle hem midi (old navy, $39.94)
classic polka dots (h&m, $34.99)

short sleeve “twofer” shirt dress (nordstrom rack, $44.97)
floral maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
patchwork print maxi (nordstrom, $38.90)
ruffled chambray dress (j.crew, $49.99)
knotted off the shoulder (nordstrom rack, $32.97)
eyelet flounce dress (j.crew factory, $39.99)
striped linen dress (old navy, $34.94)
open shoulder maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
floral high neck trapeze dress (nordsrom rack, $52.97-i know its over $50, but its SO easter-y!!)
paisley print (forever 21, $38)
long sleeved satin shift (nordstrom, $37.20)
woven cold shoulder (nordstrom rack, $27.97)
denim tassel dress (forever 21, $48)
floral shirt dress with pockets (gap factory, $46.99)
drop hem ruffle dress (asos, $30)

best of: boots

ends up, i have a lot of shoes.
an embarrassing amount for someone who teaches preschool and clearly doesn’t make millions. i thought it might be fun to do a few different “best of” blog posts talking about my shoes and why i promise each pair is needed!

first up: boots!

the newbury boot:

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

i’m pretty sure that this style of bootie is my all time favorite. they are so easy to dress up or down, and the style compliments almost every outfit. if i wasn’t such a boot hoarder, i think i could live the rest of my life with just this style of boot in my closet. paying full price for the newbury boot is a true investment-they cost right at $500 a pair. however, if you’re patient, you can snag a pair for way less than $200 (i bought my first pair for $200 off eBay, and then used poshmark credit to buy my next two pairs for $140 each). the rag and bone website often runs major end of season sales where i’ve seen the newbury listed for as low as $180. i definitely recommend investing in these boots. the quality is amazing, they’re SO comfortable, and they will definitely last a lifetime.

the harrow boot:

(full outfit post)

i know, i know, another rag and bone pair. the harrow boot was the first rag and bone boot i fell in love with, and the last to add to my closet. i feel like people literally own these boots forever, so it was hard to find the perfect preowned pair. like most of my designer shoes, i snagged this from poshmark for less than $150. i love the black strap and the taupe color-these boots will literally go with anything. the heel is a little lower than the newbury, so they’re slightly easier to wear.

OTK boots:

(full outfit post)

i did a full blog post about these stuart weiztman beauties here, so i won’t go talk too much about them in this post. i will say this: i love these boots so much and i’m so mad at tennessee for skipping winter and taking away all my opportunities to wear them.

everyday neutrals:

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

both pairs of these boots were nordstrom rack deals that i couldn’t pass up. i really try not to wear my more expensive pairs of boots daily considering my job. i really wanted some throw on and go boots that i wasn’t too attached to in case a child at work decided to pee on me or throw up on me (which literally happens once a week). i also try not to wear my designer shoes in the rain, if i can help it. each of these easy, classic booties is so comfortable and easy to style. and if they fall apart after this season, i’m not worried because i think i paid $30 each?

flat boots:

(full outfit post)

i think its important to have a pair of flat boots in your closet for times when a heel just isn’t an option. i’ve worn the pair above out on the weekends several times because they’re so comfortable and add a lot of personality to an outfit. i also own two pairs of cowboy boots (because nashville) and recently got this marc fisher pair from poshmark.

statement boots:


(full outfit post)

these free people snakeskin booties DEFINITELY make a statement. i love these because the snakeskin print is neutral colors, allowing them to pair with so many things in my closet and adding immediate personality to a pretty basic outfit.




i love all the little details in this outfit.
its a pretty basic outfit formula: sweater, jeans, and boots. but the open back of the sweater, the rips in the jeans, and the pattern of the boots give a basic outfit idea a lot of personality.

also i think its safe to say that i have a boot problem. sorry not sorry?

details: free people sweater (sold out, this was this seasons version i think?), free people bralette, free people boots (mine are from poshmark, these are similar), current/elliot jeans

writers block.

my plan was to share a list of my new years resolutions and goals today, but as it turns out i’m having a very severe case of writers block. if i’m being honest, its more like a creative block. i’m having a really difficult time styling outfits, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing text, and anything else that goes along with trying to be a blogger. i know what i want to say, but i don’t know how to say it. and thats a theme thats stretching throughout my entire life right now. hopefully, a resolution post is coming soon. not for you guys necessarily, but for myself. i started this blog mainly to stretch myself and force myself to be confident and its kinda having the opposite effect at the moment.

thats a lot of honesty for your monday (if you could see my face as i’m typing i’m making a really awkward one), so here are my outfit details:
free people sweater, 7FAM jeans, dolce vita booties (similar)



so way back in the day when i was in high school and 5’10”, i could not for the life of me find long enough jeans. scratch that, i couldn’t find long enough jeans that were the price my mom was willing to pay for jeans.

all i wanted in my life was to have my jeans touch the ground, and since i was stuck with mostly high waters, i took to my own devices and carefully took the hem out of nearly every pair i owned. so naturally, this undone hem thing is now a trend. go figure.

also-everyone should go buy these jeans. they’re super soft and stretchy but not TOO stretchy. i’ve worn them 3 times since i bought them last week and i will most likely wear them to thanksgiving because they have enough give to fit my giant thanksgiving food baby.

details: j.crew jeans, free people sweater (kind of similar, another option), tank top, forever 21 hat (super similar and only $12!), sunglasses



thoughts on bodysuits.

i bought this free people bodysuit during the big shopbop sale for like $14 thinking it would be a cheap way to try out one of these things. so i tried it. and i’m not sold, but i’m not not sold. my thoughts:

1. this specific bodysuit is very high cut. like kelly kapowski in the beach episodes of saved by the bell high cut. maybe this one works better for high waisted jeans?
2. the snaps remind me too much of the onesies of the preschoolers i teach. maybe i should try a bodysuit without snaps?
3. onesies of this nature are definitely a nicer looking option to tucking tighter fitting shirts.

i think i’m gonna buy this one to try and determine a more definite opinion. i know y’all are all on the edge of your seats waiting for my verdict on this.

details: free people bodysuit, free people bralette, rag & bone jeans, rag & bone booties, sunglasses


destroyed denim.


sooooooooo the hole in the left knee of these jeans did not start out that big. but life and preschool happened and before i knew it, my practically my entire leg can be seen. oh well!

i love these jeans because:
1. they’re so comfortable
2. they look a lot like this one teaspoon style that i love so much but can’t seem to make fit me (the pairs i’ve tried on have exactly ZERO stretch in them and when you have big thighs and big calves and big hips, it just doesn’t work).
3. they only cost me something like $30 because gap is the best.

details: free people thermal, gap jeans (similar), j.crew sandals, sunglasses




also these pictures were taken by my friend and coworker, lauren. she did such great job!!