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the one where becca runs.

[if you can tell me what tv show this post title is referencing, i’ll give you a cookie..]

i’ve talked about my workout routine a little here and here, but i really need whatever workout i’m doing to keep me entertained and not bore me. i don’t run as much as i want/used to, but lately i’ve been trying to squeeze in a short jog at least once a week just to take advantage of the not winter we seem to be having here in tennessee. it just seems like a waste not to you know?

details: old navy shirt (can’t find it online anymore, but this is a very similar long sleeve version), old navy leggings, nikes, fitbit

moving on up.



details: old navy tank-i can’t find it online, but this one is a similar style, free people bralette, mcguire jeans, forever 21 sandals, fitbit band, sunglasses

these are probably the last blog photos we will take around my parents yard/street/neighborhood because WE FINALLY MOVED INTO OUR CONDO. its a disaster zone and there are boxes everywhere but i managed to fit all 50 pairs of my shoes into our master closet so i guess its home now. i will probably do some sort of home tour blog post thing once we’re settled and we’ve painted over all the tan paint. i’m excited to be here, but i’ll be even more excited to be settled in and organized. which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, because i’m a little bit like monica gellar and can’t STAND clutter.


tassle dress.

i ordered this dress randomly off the old navy website without putting much thought into it past that the cut and the colors would be good for fall transition. little did i know that is a literal actual DREAM. i don’t know what they did making this dress, but it is SO SOFT. apparently i’m not the only one that caught on that this little number has a lot to give, because i can’t find it on the old navy website anymore? maybe if you’re lucky you can search one out in stores? if you do, pounce on it because i promise its worth the thirty bucks.

details: old navy tassle dress (sold out, similarsimilar), lace up sandals, fitbit band, sunglasses

ivy park.

i leave for the cute town of lagrange, georgia tomorrow for my bestie and queen of the bey hive’s wedding weekend, and these shorts are obviously in my suitcase.

i’m ashamed to admit that i’m not really a beyonce fan, but i SURE did jump on this ivy park bandwagon earlier this summer. when i looked through the collection at nordstrom, i wanted it all. its the epitome of athleisure, perfect for the gym slash perfect for everything else.

details: ivy park shorts, v-neck t-shirtray bansnikesfitbit

easy like..

if i’m being completely honest, i do my best not to put on “real” clothes, brush my hair, or wear makeup on sundays (i know, its very unsouthern of me). however, one thing that can get me up and ready is brunch (#basic). i will get dressed and look presentable for some biscuits and chicken, and what better way to get to the carbs faster than a romper.

details: romper, sandals, fitbit band, sunglasses

some of my favorite nashville brunch places..
the honeysuckle

acme feed & seed

kitchen notes

local taco

tupelo honey cafe






i am by no means a fitness expert.
my favorite foods are french fries, doughnuts, and ice cream. however, i do make it a point to exercise (almost) daily. i have a love/hate relationship with running, so i usually just stick to the elliptical machines at the gym followed by some free weights. i also love jillian michaels workouts. i’ve tried watching other workout videos, but for some reason no one motivates me like jillian.

details: tank topshortssneakers, sports bra (old from aerie, similar), fitbit