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fifteen links.

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YALL. i really hate the snow. its pretty for like a day, but when it hangs around for basically a week, no thank you. my whole life is covered in salt and i don’t know how to make it go away. my poor car looks like its been through a battle and all of my black shoes are now a dusty white. is it spring yet?!

i will say that what i appreciate about the snow is the relaxed week it forced me to have. which is why i was able to crank out another link post this week. i’m very proud of myself and how much attention i’ve given my little blog lately. i’ll stop bragging about it eventually, i promise.

  1. covering the bases is one of my favorite blogs to follow. though our styles aren’t super similar (krista is a bit more preppy than i am), i just love how authentic krista is in all of the content she puts out through her blog, instagram, and twitter. krista also has a lot of great advice, including this post about saving money.
  2. how dreamy is this south carolina treehouse air bnb where julia and thomas stayed for a weekend getaway?
  3. katie’s tips for motivating yourself out of a funk are great, and couldn’t have come at a better time. i find winter to be the most uninspiring unmotivating season to exist and i loathe it with all of my being (ok maybe i’m a little dramatic).
  4. watching brightons round brushing tutorial in hopes of finally learning how to round brush my hair without getting the brush permanently stuck in my hair and having to pull half of my hair out to remove it.
  5. SO MANY THINGS FOR SO CHEAP AT OLD NAVY RIGHT NOW!! i actually ordered this knit top last week and am tempted to order another color. its so so soft and comfortable. i also ordered these track pants last week and they’re technically from their active line, but i think you could pull them off as office appropriate? i really love the embroidered detail on these distressed jeans.
  6. i’m on a mission to have my life figured out by my 30th birthday (which is a lofty goal, i know), and part of having my life figured out is having my career figured out. i’m pretty certain i had a full fledged nervous breakdown when i turned 25, and at the center of that breakdown was how unhappy i was with my job. anyways, i came across this old zoe report article about how to make a drastic career change. its the first article on the subject that i’ve found to be actually helpful and doesn’t suggest making a career map.
  7. i literally stopped breathing for a moment when i saw this post about ashley’s vintage chanel bag. i think it might be the most beautiful bag i’ve ever seen. GOALS, man, GOALS.
  8. i loved and totally agree with grace’s review of the neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I’ve used these for forever and they really are the best!
  9. OBSESSED with kathleen’s velvet pant suit. she looks so chic, so comfortable, and like such a bad ass. all the praise hands.
  10. saving carly’s journaling tips so that hopefully they will motivate me to get back into journaling and actually follow through with one of my 2018 resolutions.
  11. do yall follow leanne’s monthy dress series? if you don’t you totally should. shes so creative and talented and the january dress is SO DREAMY. and those underwater pictures are SO COOL.
  12. my friend kristy was kind enough to inform me this week that you can buy obagi online now! the mom of the boy i used to nanny got me the cleanser and the toner one summer when my breakouts were exceptionally bad, and i swear they worked miracles. i haven’t the line in forever because you could only get the products through a dermatologist, so i’m pretty pumped to use it again!
  13. becky’s skinny white chicken chilli recipe looks delicious.
  14. love and lion have so many cute valentine’s day printables for free on their site that are way more cute than most hallmark cards and perfect for galentines day, too.
  15. has anyone read the woman in the window yet? the plot summary makes it sound like a cross between vertigo and rear window (which I think is the point actually), but I need someone to tell me whether or not its too scary. I had really bad dreams after reading sharp objects and behind closed doors, and i’d like to avoid a similar experience.
fifteen links.

(my dress, shoes, sunglasses)

okay enough self praise. here are fifteen links for your winter weather weekend reading enjoyment 🙂

  1. i was very into the all black attire at the golden globes, for obvious moral reasons and also because all of the crowd shots looked SO chic. this should be a thing every year, powers at be. here’s a good round up of all the best looks.
  2. the bachelor is back which means alice’s perfect recaps are back, too!
  3. have you guys seen the greatest showman yet? if you haven’t, stop reading this and buy tickets RIGHT NOW. its so good and i have watched this video of keala settle singing “this is me” during pre production at least 50 times and i cry every time.
  4. i don’t love chicken pot pie, but liz’s skinny chicken pot pie recipe looks so good and seems like the perfect thing to make during the actual winter we’re having this year.
  5. OBSESSED with justin timberlake’s new song. i haven’t stopped listening to it. he also just announced his man of the woods world tour and he will be in nashville may 9 HINT HINT to anyone that wants to get me a gift….
  6. SO EXCITED for julia’s dress line. she’s one of my favorite bloggers and i can’t wait to see what her collection looks like.
  7. i just finished binging the marvelous mrs. maisel and i loved every second of it. everything about it is just so incredibly charming, i can’t believe it took me this long to watch it. apparently everyone can watch it for free this weekend. its only 8 episodes so you have time to binge it all and still have a life 🙂
  8. i’ve been following carly’s meditation journey all year. i’m still on the fence about it, but becoming more and more convinced with each new post. she did a guest post on the stripe summarizing her mediation experience and considering my most recent panic attack lasted about 2 hours, i’m seriously considering starting my own meditation journey.
  9. these peanut butter cookies are so so easy and the best for last minute events because you probably already have these ingredients at home. i haven’t made them in forever, but i made them yesterday for the kids i nanny and remembered how much i love them.
  10. while “iced in” this weekend, i’m going to finally read a wrinkle in time. somehow i missed reading it in elementary school and i feel like its something i should do before the movie comes out in march.
  11. free people is having a random 50% off 50 items sale today! thinking about this thermal, this henley, and this dress. these booties are also pretty great.
  12. this twitter thread of as seen on tv gifs is HYSTERICAL.
  13. wait…jude law is dumbledore in the upcoming fantastic beasts movie?! how did i miss this?!
  14. i’ve gotta talk about this dress. after seeing 3 (maybe it was 4?) bloggers post about it and rave about how flattering it is, i pulled the trigger. based on the reviews, i sized up. it came in the mail and i was PUMPED. i immediately put it on and planned to wear it that day, only to realize it looked HORRIBLE on me. HORRIBLE. did i just get a bad dress? because when i say every blogger has this frock, i’m talking that no less than 10 have posted about it. and they’re all different body types?! what am i missing here? whats wrong with me! (if you want to see different people wearing it check out a southern drawl, dani austin, brighton the day, and lauren loves)
  15. have y’all ever tried a retinoid? i’m still not completely certain what it does, but i’ve been using this one by the ordinary and i’m very into how my skin’s been looking lately.
tiny life update + fifteen links.

(picture from this post last fall)

i’m back! sorta. still don’t have an outfit post for ya. oops. i am working on a northern ireland recap post, but i’m having some issues with my pictures/getting my pictures to my computer. so hopefully soon!!

okay, tiny life update before links: i don’t teach preschool anymore!! at least for now. who knows maybe i’ll go back one day, but for now i’m going to work for my dad part time and nanny part time. as a person that craves routine and hates change, i’m oddly excited for a sort of make my own schedule situation and for the variety it will offer. who knows maybe it will inspire me to do outfit posts again!

  1. praying real hard for everyone in the path of hurricane irma.
  2. still praying for those recovering from harvey, too. here’s a link to an amazon wishlist for victims, which is a great and easy way to donate.
  3. are you guys watching the sinner?! if you’re not…WATCH IT NOW AND TALK TO ME ABOUT IT!! i saw the ads for it and thought it was going to be one thing, and its something totally different and i’m really liking it. its also an interesting watch after just finishing the keepers on netflix. there are a lot of similarities between the two and could definitely be the basis of a lot of interesting discussions. if you have time…watch both. they’re both very intense and a lot to stomach, but so very compelling and interesting.
  4. can we just discuss how actually perfect reese witherspoon is. i’ve looked up to her for forever, and she’s the star of some of my all time favorite movies (cruel intentions, legally blonde, and sweet home alabama), but my love for her has grown exponentially this year. first of all, big little lies is probably my favorite thing i’ve watched on television. second of all, have you seen any of her covers this year? does the woman age? how can someone be so perfect! this glamour cover and article are my favorite so far. “what would happen if we encouraged all women to be a little more ambitious? i think the world would change.” REESE FOR PRESIDENT.
  5. these zara boots are a bit sleeker than my pair, and they are definitely at the top of my christmas list right now (which is 109 days away…eek!!)
  6. i feel like every one jumps on “cutting out” bandwagons, so i appreciated this article outlining good and bad reasons to cut dairy.
  7. when i read julia’s post about that sinking failing feeling and fear, i was immediately like “omg me too!!”. it was a great reminder that we (humans) are all just trying to do our best.
  8. have you guys noticed that abercrombie is actually so cute now? i seriously want all of these dresses (i don’t even know who i am anymore).
  9. LOVE this fall look on mckenna. i didn’t really think about lace for fall but i think it works!!
  10. definitely bookmarking brighton’s budget basics post. i’ve been meaning to create a budget for literally 7 years…maybe now is the time to finally get around to it!!
  11. birkenstock clogs aren’t actually coming back…are they?
  12. taking note of anna and gabe’s tips for when marriage gets tough.
  13. i will probably buy this j.crew sweater in all three colors.
  14. our pilgrimage festival wristbands came in the mail this week and i CANNOT WAIT!! the entire festival sounds awesome, but we all know i’m only going for justin timberlake (sorry not sorry).
  15. i’ve been dying over these free people boots for over a year now, but haven’t been able to justify the price (which i know is a weird sentence considering i bought these). i happened across this pair of dupes on poshmark for a much better price, and they should get here today! maybe i’ll even do an outfit post/review of them?
fifteen links.

(image via gal meets glam)

in less than two weeks marty and i will be on our way to ireland to visit our dear friends and i CANNOT WAIT. but also i feel like theres a lot to do to prepare and i’ve been scouring the internet for packing and traveling tips. please send any you have to offer my way!

maybe one day i’ll do outfit posts again. its just blazing hot here in the summer that all i want to wear are dresses that don’t touch my body and those posts would get a little monotonous. also, its just too hard to take photos or try and make myself take photos. in the meantime, here’s some links!

  1. i have these loeffler randall fenton rain boots i’m planning to take on the trip. apparently its not as cool to wear wellies out and about in ireland, but i also don’t want to step in poop or get soaked, so i’m glad i have these not-so-obvious rain boots.
  2. i’m also obsessively looking for slip on sneakers to take. this vince pair is my number one choice, but paying $100 for sneakers to wear in a place where there’s always a chance of rain is not ideal. i’m leaning towards this steve madden pair, but i really dislike the little steve madden logo thing on the back. anyone have any ideas on how to take that off?
  3. this j.crew trench coat is coming with me to ireland! i was very lucky and got an awesome deal on it last year end of season.
  4. still updating my nordstrom anniversary sale post frequently! the sale ends august 6, so theres plenty of time to shop!!
  5. i grew up going to “the drugstore” with my grandparents whenever i would visit them in cross plains. i have great memories of sharing a milkshake with my memaw here! its sad that places like this are few and far between these days.
  6. the story of this mom at yoga is SO FUNNY.
  7. i LOVE the new bravo show “sweet home oklahoma.” if you haven’t watched, please find it on demand and start right now. i literally laugh out loud all through every episode (which makes me look really special since i’m normally watching at the gym). anyways, jennifer and josh are two of the main cast members (and the funniest), and their story is really inspiring. if they can make it though all the crap they’ve been through together, then there’s hope for us all.
  8. ripped jeans are my favorite jeans, but every pair inevitably ends up looking like a pair of one teaspoon trashed freebirds (this post is a good example of that). definitely going to try this trick.
  9. i spent a lot of time watching videos on krista’s youtube channel this weekend. this dry shampoo review video inspired me to give dry shampoo another chance soon.
  10. i am appalled that this many humans exist that think “medium rare chicken” is a thing. what is wrong with people?!
  11. i recently started following leanne on instagram and went down a rabbit hole on her blog of sewing tutorials. i inherited my grandmothers sewing machine but i don’t even know how to turn it on. maybe i should learn so i can make all the t-shirt dresses.
  12. i anxiously awaited each installment of anna and her husband’s love story, and you GUYS. its a good one. if you have time, i recommend reading all three parts. such an awesome and encouraging story about following your heart AND god’s timing.
  13. a bloggers job is to paint a “perfect” picture and though i understand that, i LOVE it when bloggers get real. brighton and meghan both had really encouraging, really relatable posts this week about handling those negative head space days.
  14. why why WHY do these shoes exist?
  15. i want to make this turkey pesto meatloaf asap!!!
fifteen links.

(most likely my 4th of july outfit. details in this post.)

whew. its been a minute since i’ve even logged into wordpress. i’m trying this new thing where i stop pressuring myself and setting ridiculously high expectations for myself in life. i have an awesome group of friends and the best family and they love me so should impressing strangers really be a priority for me? i realize that the answer to that is obvious, but i’m a people pleaser to a FAULT.

anyways, moving on..
happy weekend before july 4th! here are some great links for your reading pleasure 🙂

  1. i heard about this heartbreaking story about a friend of a friend and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this family. however, its truly incredible the way the community has banded together to lift them up financially and prayerfully. its amazing what god can do in the light of something horrible like this.
  2. did y’all watch the series finale of pretty little liars?! am i the only one that was still watching that show?! i still have a million questions and will probably go back and watch the entire series, though its clear from this interview with the producer that the big A.D. reveal wasn’t planned from the beginning which ANNOYS me.
  3. i just recently started following taylor’s blog and her realness in this post made me wish there was a way to give someone a standing ovation through the internet.
  4. after reading ashley’s post about microneedling, i actually ordered one and some retinol capsules of some sort. i’m really excited (and nervous) to try it!
  5. zara is having a killer sale right now.
  6. i haven’t watched the bachelorette in years, but i tuned in a few weeks ago to see a guy i grew up with perform. i was actually appalled at the behavior of that lee fellow. i can’t believe ABC is allowing him to exist on the show. it for sure confirmed my decision to never watch again and just learn all i need to know from alice’s blog.
  7. i bought this tie dye free people jacket during the shopbop sale and i know i love it but i’m not totally sure how to style it? i’m open to input!!
  8. a long time ago, someone told me i should freeze my jeans to keep them looking nice and fitting well. i actually did it for a while, and then fell off the wagon for some reason. i was surprised to see this article last week. maybe i’ll start freezing my jeans again?
  9. my favorite bralette is on sale for less than $10.
  10. have y’all heard about amazon prime wardrobe? such a game changer!!!
  11. in an attempt to take better care of my hair, i bought this stuff on a whim. holy cow its SO GOOD. i run about a quarter sized amount through my hair after towel drying it. then, i braid it into pigtails and let it air dry while i do my makeup, get dressed, and drive to work. by the time i get to work its pretty much dry and looks like i’ve used a curling wand (as seen in this post)! the only downside i’ve noticed is that my roots are a bit frizzy, but i think thats really my own fault for aggressively towel drying my hair? anyways, its great and y’all should try it. and its so cheap that if it doesn’t work its not like you’re out a ton of money.
  12. an interesting article about money and relationships.
  13. i have literally been saying for 3 years that i’m going to try bulletproof coffee. this recipe looks DELICIOUS.
  14. i really should read this post ten more times and then do my own year without shopping. to say i’m addicted would be an understatement.
  15. speaking of..remember this post justifying why i dropped a small portion on designer boots? yeah so ends up, i’m selling them. my cost per wear in the non winter we had here in tennessee just isn’t justifying them like i thought. so if you’re interested, heres the link to them in my poshmark closet!
fifteen links.

(photo from this post)

  1. my j.crew star print jeans are $30 right now! see my outfit post here.
  2. PSA: the bachelorette is back which means so are alice’s recaps!!
  3. i have incredibly strong feelings about the instagram algorithm, and i could write an entire post about that subject alone. i loved reading this post from someone who used a bot and sharing that experience (and why its just awful for everyone).
  4. bookmarking lauren conrad’s wedding style tips. i ALWAYS struggle with what to wear/what not to wear to a wedding so i will take any advice i can find. especially when its from lauren conrad!
  5. obsessed with the unique shirt dress emily is wearing in this post.
  6. did y’all see how awkward jessica simpson was on ellen this week? my friend tried to make me watch the video but it was too awkward i couldn’t make it through the whole interview.
  7. i know this is brand new information to y’all, but i’m a disney freak. one of my biggest tips for optimizing your time and dollar at disney is staying on property, but not necessarily at one of the fancy resorts. this post from theme park tourist perfectly summarizes why! (read my recap from our latest disney adventure here. would y’all want a bigger disney post with all my tips and tricks? let me know!!)
  8. i’m also very into abandoned things-especially abandoned disney things. these pictures of disney’s abandoned water park, wild river country, are fascinating.
  9. CLUE: the golden girls is coming soon, making all my board game dreams come true.
  10. this post on five signs its okay to give up on a dream really hit me hard. i still struggle daily with giving up my dream job/favorite job almost two years ago, even though it was the best decision for me at the time.
  11. i was browsing forever 21 trying to find a pair of cheap sandals (because i don’t have enough of course) and stumbled upon these loeffler randall dupes. all the heart eyes…and for less than $25!!!!
  12. as you know, nordstrom is having their half yearly sale right now! there are too many good things to even start listing here, but heres how i think you should tackle it: set a price limit, filter all the results from low to high, and go to town. that way you don’t miss anything that you might want AND you don’t get tempted by things out of your budget.
  13. shopbop is also having a great sale right now.
  14. nordstrom rack is doing clear the rack.
  15. i read the last anniversary and three wishes this week and now i’ve officially read all of liane moriarty’s books. my friend sarah has told me to read kate morton next.
fifteen links.

the week before vacation always drags, doesn’t it? i cannot express how ready i am to be at the beach on sunday!!! hope y’all have a happy weekend!

  1. can i just order everything from shopbop’s pool party section? i NEED all this stuff for the beach next week!!
  2. alice and i visited the draper james store in 12th south last week and i can’t stop thinking about this dress.
  3. brighton’s closet is the dream closet to end all dream closets. holy cow.
  4. i dare you to watch the new little big town video without smiling.
  5. definitely keeping these get out of debt tips bookmarked. credit cards are the best/worst, amiright?
  6. body image is such a tough beast to wrestle with, and i loved julia’s honesty about dealing with body image during pregnancy.
  7. j.crew is really on it this season. y’all have gotta check out the new arrivals!! i think this dress is my favorite of the bunch though.
  8. my sweet friend francesca just started an instagram account for all things essential oils!  she’s the one who first got me hooked on the wonders of essential oils, so if you’re interested i for sure recommend following her account for tips, tricks, and more info!
  9. my current favorite workout.
  10. following haley’s trip to santorini is giving me major wanderlust.
  11. i wouldn’t really describe my style as classic…but the new chanel flats are calling to me.
  12. have y’all ever heard of/played game of phones? a group of us played it at my friend will’s house last saturday night and it was so fun! definitely a great low key game to have on hand for the pool or fun summer BBQs.
  13. i cannot find a good pair of denim shorts this season. so far this old navy pair has been the only pair i’ve found that mostly work, but i really want a great pair of cutoffs! if y’all have any suggestions please send them my way.
  14. sweet home oklahoma is my newest bravo guilty pleasure.
  15. i plan to grab “the woman in cabin 10” for the beach and “the couple next door.” i’ll also probably re read “big little lies” on the trip, too. any other suggestions or must reads??? i read freakishly fast…as in i read “truly madly guilty” in one day 😀
fifteen links.

[i totally meant to have this post ready by this past friday, but since life happens, you get fifteen links on a monday]

sorry for the silence lately. after celebrating my birthday, marty and i both got pretty sick, then i had about 57345 things to do last week before spending a few days babysitting this past weekend. and now, i’m gearing up for another busy week ahead as i get ready to throw my girl alice a baby shower this weekend. i can NOT wait to celebrate baby mcflovin and spend the weekend with my bestie pals.

  1. speaking of baby mcflovin, check out this sweet letter alice wrote baby boy.
  2. i’m definitely making these homemade funfetti cupcakes that i found on pinterest last year for alice’s shower. SO good and so easy!!
  3. have y’all been following this fyre festival craziness?! if you haven’t, hallie’s (of among other things) interview explains it pretty well. UNREAL!!
  4. its a joke that these heinous 90s shoes are coming back…right??
  5. i’m making this eggless cookie dough STAT.
  6. if i had the cash i would for SURE splurge on these valentino flats (i don’t think i mention enough how much i love the rockstud, do i?).
  7. i scored this huge (and perfect) free people tote in the store yesterday for half off, and it looks like its on sale online too! its a great price without the sale, but its just a flat out steal for half off.
  8. i LOVED this guest post on carly’s blog about friendships. while reading it, i couldn’t help but think about how lucky i am to have close friendships with such wonderful people. i seriously don’t know how i got so lucky sometimes.
  9. if you missed it on the today show this morning, definitely watch willie geist’s interview with little big town. i definitely look up to the four of them a lot, and their story of hard work and struggle is just so inspiring.
  10. though i don’t have any children, i so so appreciated erin’s openness and honesty about her struggle with postpartum depression. i, too, struggle with acting like everything is okay and have screamed into more pillows than i can count when i’ve been overwhelmed. i hope that as more bloggers and people who appear to have it all together share their struggles, maybe slowly our culture will change and we can all stop acting like its all okay when its not?
  11. i was thisclose to buying this shirt yesterday at nordstrom and i’m kicking myself for putting it down. i just think its so so funny and i’m probably going to order it as soon as i’m done with this post..
  12. i’m glad i’m not alone in not flossing or getting a flu shot.
  13. following busy phillips on instagram is one of the best decisions i’ve made so far in 2017. her instastories are HYSTERICAL and i just love her so much. especially when she shares realness like this. also, if you missed her “i will not be killed tonight” uber story you must watch.
  14. i tried on this jumpsuit yesterday at gap kinda on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit. its super comfortable and will be perfect for lazy saturdays this summer.
  15. these tips for being good to your guests are definitely inspiring me to up my hostess game (also, how good is everything the home edit does?!).
fifteen links.

  1. i bought 52 lists for happiness on a random amazon whim, and i love it so much. i know you’re only supposed to do a list a week, but i’ve already done several. i HIGHLY recommend this book/journal, especially if you struggle with anxiety. plus, its just so stinking cute!
  2. i added lots of dresses to my easter dress shopping post!
  3. my friend sarah recommended erin’s instagram last week, and her account quickly became my favorite. and ends up she just launched a blog, too, which of course is adorable. what i love most about her instagram and her blog is that she writes the way she talks (i mean i’m guessing because i obviously don’t know her IRL) and is just so REAL. also, her home is INCREDIBLE. this book wall? i die.
  4. have y’all seen this house hunters spoof, church hunters? every john crist video i watch is hysterical, but this one is just SO on point. gosh i hate millennials.
  5. i found this bralette while wandering through nordstrom rack the other day, and i think i’m going to order every color it comes in. it looks EXACTLY like this free people one (that i have in 3 colors already), except its padded! hallelujah thank you jesus i can wear this thing with more than just super loosey goosey tops!!
  6. the zara founder apparently makes more money in a day than i do in a week so thats pretty cool.
  7. i was innocently browsing the nordstrom sandal section and these strange looking things popped up. what is even happening here? who would pay money for these?!
  8. brighton wrote a really encouraging post about comparison and not feeling good enough.
  9. have y’all tried hello fresh? i’m really considering it. mainly because i hate grocery shopping with a flaming passion. pros? cons? other recommendations?
  10. i’m on the hunt for a new tote and i think this free people one is at the top of my list.
  11. i don’t watch the bachelor so i don’t feel like i appreciated this post as much as others, but how INCREDIBLE does finland look? i follow mackenzie and katie on instagram and was just in love with every post. i mean cmon they met santa AT HIS WORKSHOP.
  12. i bought these star print jeans last week and got TONS of compliments when i wore them. i like them so much more than i thought i would, and i think i can wear them a lot more than i thought i would, too!
  13. i also picked up this t-shirt last week because i saw amber wearing it in a recent post and thought it was wildfox-until i clicked the link!
  14. i have a (much needed) hair appointment tomorrow, and this emma roberts smoky quartz situation is the look i’m going for i think. if i don’t chicken out that is.
  15. i’m trying to clean out my closet and selling lots of stuff over on my poshmark (username @beccadaniels), including a pair of rag & bone newbury boots, which i raved about in this post.
fifteen links.

(image from this post)

i feel like i say this a lot but MAN this was a long week. i was starting to wonder if friday was ever going to come.

also, i realize that i say love approximately 76 times in this short post, but i can’t help it. i just really love a lot of things right now!!

  1. i really need to stop shopping as much as i do. i really appreciated these tips on giving up shopping for lent.
  2. speaking of not shopping, i just bought this mustache pullover because how am i supposed to not buy wildfox at that price?!
  3. rag & bone is having an awesome sale right now. up to 75% off so many great things-including my favorite boots!
  4. i will definitely be using merritt’s tips for trip planning for our upcoming ireland trip.
  5. i got these lace up gladiators this week and i LOVE them. they’re so comfortable and i’m seriously considering buying another color. i also have these in my shopping cart as we speak!
  6. i also just ordered these sandals from banana republic’s friends and family event (clearly, i’m on a sandal kick).
  7. making liz’s healthy peanut butter cups ASAP.
  8. i am SO into the new FX mini series “feud.” my dad scared the crap out of me as a child with “whatever happened to baby jane” and “hush hush sweet charlotte” (if you’ve never seen these movies i highly recommend them-so scary but SO GOOD). when i saw FX ryan murphy was doing a series about the infamous feud between bette davis and joan crawford, i couldn’t wait. i love history and i love hollywood trivia, so i’m very obsessed. i’ve been reading articles all week about how crazy both actresses were, and this story about their oscars drama is insane. i can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the series!
  9. i’m loving the big little lies series, too. since i read the book, i love reading theories about the murder and how the series will turn out. if you haven’t yet, read the book!! the twist is so twisty and so good you won’t even see it coming.
  10. i really love this neutral look on jess.
  11. to answer james’s question-YES, i am a homebody.
  12. i am so incredibly guilty of racking up mindless and useless hours of screen time. really trying to use some of hallie’s tips, starting with putting my phone down and focusing on whats actually important.
  13. can’t wait to try this strawberry margarita spritzer recipe once it gets warm again (eye roll emoji).
  14. two of my favorite (and most competitive) friends have birthdays coming up in april, and i’m really considering getting them this inflatable ring toss game for sunday funday competitions on the go.
  15. this barry’s bootcamp-esque workout is my favorite right now.