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workin’ on my fitness.


our complex randomly has these ping pong tables down by the greenway and for 25 cents you can buy your own ping pong ball and have some cheap fun. what better way to work off all the thanksgiving damage than some ping pong ya know?!

details: old navy pullover (similar), old navy leggings (very similar), nikes





so way back in the day when i was in high school and 5’10”, i could not for the life of me find long enough jeans. scratch that, i couldn’t find long enough jeans that were the price my mom was willing to pay for jeans.

all i wanted in my life was to have my jeans touch the ground, and since i was stuck with mostly high waters, i took to my own devices and carefully took the hem out of nearly every pair i owned. so naturally, this undone hem thing is now a trend. go figure.

also-everyone should go buy these jeans. they’re super soft and stretchy but not TOO stretchy. i’ve worn them 3 times since i bought them last week and i will most likely wear them to thanksgiving because they have enough give to fit my giant thanksgiving food baby.

details: j.crew jeans, free people sweater (kind of similar, another option), tank top, forever 21 hat (super similar and only $12!), sunglasses



sunday starbucks.



over here fulfilling all your basic white girl stereotypes with my leggings and uggs and red starbucks cup its fine.

for the record, i didn’t curl my hair specifically to roll out of bed and get starbucks in basically my pajamas. i finally made a long overdue appointment with my girl laura for a trim and hair color refresh yesterday and somehow i literally woke up like this. i really deep in my heart want to go back to being fully blonde (you can see a picture here), but the maintenance is a pain and i’m worried all the bleach will cause my hair to break off making me look like guy fierri again (photo evidence here). so anyways, laura worked her magic and made my hair lighter and brighter and i love it. i highly recommend booking an appointment with her if you’re in nashville-she’s the best and the ohana salon is the cutest.

details: gap cardigan (similar, similar), free people tank top, zella leggings (totally live up to all the hype), ugg boots, sunglasses

my date.

if you can’t wear your pizza shirt on a friday, then when can you really? i’ve also worn this shirt for 4th of july (because ‘murica) and for new years eve (because duh). so really its quite versatile and a great investment piece for your wardrobe.

details: wildfox sweatshirt (super super similar), mcguire jeans, adidas shoes, sunglasses



ps-these perfect adidas are actually from the kids section at j.crew. whenever i want trendy sneakers, i always check the kids section because they’re $5-$10 cheaper and you literally can’t tell the difference. people are always shocked when i do this because i wear an 8.5/9, but youth sizes just have the word “youth” in front of it…the sizing is just like mens. my superstars are a youth 6.5, but these are a youth 7 (because they weren’t sold in half sizes) and they’re actually a little big. i’m obsessed with them though, so its worth it to have the extra room.


beanies + boots.


details: old navy shirtdress, beanie, rag and bone boots, sunglasses

doesn’t get much fallier than plaid, boots, and a beanie. old navy has been killing it lately. EXCEPT this dress has shrunk a little each time i’ve washed it (by itself, on delicate, hung to dry mind you). i’m thinking by the next time i wear it, it will be proper tunic length. which is fine by me because it’s too cute to give up on altogether.

thoughts on bodysuits.

i bought this free people bodysuit during the big shopbop sale for like $14 thinking it would be a cheap way to try out one of these things. so i tried it. and i’m not sold, but i’m not not sold. my thoughts:

1. this specific bodysuit is very high cut. like kelly kapowski in the beach episodes of saved by the bell high cut. maybe this one works better for high waisted jeans?
2. the snaps remind me too much of the onesies of the preschoolers i teach. maybe i should try a bodysuit without snaps?
3. onesies of this nature are definitely a nicer looking option to tucking tighter fitting shirts.

i think i’m gonna buy this one to try and determine a more definite opinion. i know y’all are all on the edge of your seats waiting for my verdict on this.

details: free people bodysuit, free people bralette, rag & bone jeans, rag & bone booties, sunglasses


hot [out] here.



thanks to this weirdo weather we’re having, its october 30 and i’m wearing shorts and sandals. do i live in florida? brazil? the sun? seriously what is with 90 degrees of heat outside? summer was great and all, but its getting old. however, since its going to be unseasonably warm for the next who knows how long, order this romper!! its marked down to $10 and there are still some sizes left!

details: old navy romper, j.crew slides, sunglasses (so great-i have them in three colors!)

where’s the harley?

i wish i had a dollar for every person that came up to me and said “hey, where’d you park your motorcycle?” the other day when i wore this outfit to work. can’t a girl just wear all black and cool boots on a monday?!

details: shirt, 7FAM jeans, similar boots here, here, and this dream pair (sigh).


destroyed denim.


sooooooooo the hole in the left knee of these jeans did not start out that big. but life and preschool happened and before i knew it, my practically my entire leg can be seen. oh well!

i love these jeans because:
1. they’re so comfortable
2. they look a lot like this one teaspoon style that i love so much but can’t seem to make fit me (the pairs i’ve tried on have exactly ZERO stretch in them and when you have big thighs and big calves and big hips, it just doesn’t work).
3. they only cost me something like $30 because gap is the best.

details: free people thermal, gap jeans (similar), j.crew sandals, sunglasses




also these pictures were taken by my friend and coworker, lauren. she did such great job!!


if i’m being completely honest, i don’t love this jumpsuit by itself. its one of those things that looked great the first time i wore it, but got all funky in the wash and has never looked the same. i’ve kept it in my closet because i feel like its a great staple and someday either it will magically go back to its original shape or my body will totally change and it will fit better. when i threw this sweater over it, and it worked, i said “quick marty grab the camera this might actually look good!!”

details: gap outlet jumpsuit (very similar), harlowe & graham sweater (similar), adidas superstars, sunglasses