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the one where becca runs.

[if you can tell me what tv show this post title is referencing, i’ll give you a cookie..]

i’ve talked about my workout routine a little here and here, but i really need whatever workout i’m doing to keep me entertained and not bore me. i don’t run as much as i want/used to, but lately i’ve been trying to squeeze in a short jog at least once a week just to take advantage of the not winter we seem to be having here in tennessee. it just seems like a waste not to you know?

details: old navy shirt (can’t find it online anymore, but this is a very similar long sleeve version), old navy leggings, nikes, fitbit




i am by no means a fitness expert.
my favorite foods are french fries, doughnuts, and ice cream. however, i do make it a point to exercise (almost) daily. i have a love/hate relationship with running, so i usually just stick to the elliptical machines at the gym followed by some free weights. i also love jillian michaels workouts. i’ve tried watching other workout videos, but for some reason no one motivates me like jillian.

details: tank topshortssneakers, sports bra (old from aerie, similar), fitbit