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so way back in the day when i was in high school and 5’10”, i could not for the life of me find long enough jeans. scratch that, i couldn’t find long enough jeans that were the price my mom was willing to pay for jeans.

all i wanted in my life was to have my jeans touch the ground, and since i was stuck with mostly high waters, i took to my own devices and carefully took the hem out of nearly every pair i owned. so naturally, this undone hem thing is now a trend. go figure.

also-everyone should go buy these jeans. they’re super soft and stretchy but not TOO stretchy. i’ve worn them 3 times since i bought them last week and i will most likely wear them to thanksgiving because they have enough give to fit my giant thanksgiving food baby.

details: j.crew jeans, free people sweater (kind of similar, another option), tank top, forever 21 hat (super similar and only $12!), sunglasses



floral boots.

one random night last spring, i was searching eBay for rag & bone boots, and i stumbled across this pair of boots for FIFTY DOLLARS. of course i thought i had hit the jackpot so i placed a bid and patiently waited for the auction to end. and then it did end, when someone outbid me at the last second and i didn’t notice because i had my eBay app notifications turned off. rookie mistake. i was so so mad at myself and for the next 6 months i searched and searched and searched eBay for another pair in my size to no avail. last october, i started using poshmark to sell my clothes and on a hunch searched “rag & bone floral boots size 39” and there they were!! it was a miracle. they were a little more worn than i would have preferred (i think the seller had worn them 3 or 4 times) but at that point, beggars can’t be choosers you know?!

details: j.crew jeans, gap chambray shirt (mine is super old, but this one is very similar!), rag & bone boots here, or just google “rag & bone floral booties” and a bunch will pop up!


moving on up.



details: old navy tank-i can’t find it online, but this one is a similar style, free people bralette, mcguire jeans, forever 21 sandals, fitbit band, sunglasses

these are probably the last blog photos we will take around my parents yard/street/neighborhood because WE FINALLY MOVED INTO OUR CONDO. its a disaster zone and there are boxes everywhere but i managed to fit all 50 pairs of my shoes into our master closet so i guess its home now. i will probably do some sort of home tour blog post thing once we’re settled and we’ve painted over all the tan paint. i’m excited to be here, but i’ll be even more excited to be settled in and organized. which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, because i’m a little bit like monica gellar and can’t STAND clutter.


the shirt everyone has this fall.


i gave into the fall cliche with the tractors and the leaves but hey, if it works it works you know?

90% of the bloggers i follow have this shirt, and once i bought it, i understood why. its a bit heavier than your standard knit, but its not quite as thick as a sweater, which makes it perfect for this time of year when its chilly in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons.

details: free people shirtjeans, booties