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i love all the little details in this outfit.
its a pretty basic outfit formula: sweater, jeans, and boots. but the open back of the sweater, the rips in the jeans, and the pattern of the boots give a basic outfit idea a lot of personality.

also i think its safe to say that i have a boot problem. sorry not sorry?

details: free people sweater (sold out, this was this seasons version i think?), free people bralette, free people boots (mine are from poshmark, these are similar), current/elliot jeans

writers block.

my plan was to share a list of my new years resolutions and goals today, but as it turns out i’m having a very severe case of writers block. if i’m being honest, its more like a creative block. i’m having a really difficult time styling outfits, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing text, and anything else that goes along with trying to be a blogger. i know what i want to say, but i don’t know how to say it. and thats a theme thats stretching throughout my entire life right now. hopefully, a resolution post is coming soon. not for you guys necessarily, but for myself. i started this blog mainly to stretch myself and force myself to be confident and its kinda having the opposite effect at the moment.

thats a lot of honesty for your monday (if you could see my face as i’m typing i’m making a really awkward one), so here are my outfit details:
free people sweater, 7FAM jeans, dolce vita booties (similar)



so way back in the day when i was in high school and 5’10”, i could not for the life of me find long enough jeans. scratch that, i couldn’t find long enough jeans that were the price my mom was willing to pay for jeans.

all i wanted in my life was to have my jeans touch the ground, and since i was stuck with mostly high waters, i took to my own devices and carefully took the hem out of nearly every pair i owned. so naturally, this undone hem thing is now a trend. go figure.

also-everyone should go buy these jeans. they’re super soft and stretchy but not TOO stretchy. i’ve worn them 3 times since i bought them last week and i will most likely wear them to thanksgiving because they have enough give to fit my giant thanksgiving food baby.

details: j.crew jeans, free people sweater (kind of similar, another option), tank top, forever 21 hat (super similar and only $12!), sunglasses



floral boots.

one random night last spring, i was searching eBay for rag & bone boots, and i stumbled across this pair of boots for FIFTY DOLLARS. of course i thought i had hit the jackpot so i placed a bid and patiently waited for the auction to end. and then it did end, when someone outbid me at the last second and i didn’t notice because i had my eBay app notifications turned off. rookie mistake. i was so so mad at myself and for the next 6 months i searched and searched and searched eBay for another pair in my size to no avail. last october, i started using poshmark to sell my clothes and on a hunch searched “rag & bone floral boots size 39” and there they were!! it was a miracle. they were a little more worn than i would have preferred (i think the seller had worn them 3 or 4 times) but at that point, beggars can’t be choosers you know?!

details: j.crew jeans, gap chambray shirt (mine is super old, but this one is very similar!), rag & bone boots here, or just google “rag & bone floral booties” and a bunch will pop up!


when in doubt…

all black is always my solution to standing in my closet and not knowing what to wear (which is most days). i love this peasant top from nordstrom rack-the material is light enough to wear while its still warm out, but the color is perfect for the season.

random thought: as much as i love fall, i hate how late the sunrises and how early it sets in this awkward time before daylight savings. how am i supposed to get up and moving when its so dark out/how am i supposed to be productive at night when the sun sets at 6PM?! guess i’ll just sleep in and watch a lot of dateline until the time change. oh well.

details: shirt, j.crew denim, charles by charles david booties (similar)

bells and boots.

because its still so warm here in nashville, i’m transitioning to fall with darker colors, and nothing says “fall” like mustard yellow. my hippy soul also loves these bell sleeves. so flowy and perfect.

details: bell sleeved blouse, cut off shorts, rag and bone boots


i was VERY unsure the cropped flare on this jumpsuit when i first put it on. however, i quickly became obsessed and so far i’ve worn this exact outfit to a bridal shower and then a baby shower. the pattern and the crossover front is very slimming and makes me feel long and lean even when i’m sneaking extra pieces of shower cake.

details: jumpsuit (sold out) similarsimilarbootiessunglasses