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my date.

if you can’t wear your pizza shirt on a friday, then when can you really? i’ve also worn this shirt for 4th of july (because ‘murica) and for new years eve (because duh). so really its quite versatile and a great investment piece for your wardrobe.

details: wildfox sweatshirt (super super similar), mcguire jeans, adidas shoes, sunglasses



ps-these perfect adidas are actually from the kids section at j.crew. whenever i want trendy sneakers, i always check the kids section because they’re $5-$10 cheaper and you literally can’t tell the difference. people are always shocked when i do this because i wear an 8.5/9, but youth sizes just have the word “youth” in front of it…the sizing is just like mens. my superstars are a youth 6.5, but these are a youth 7 (because they weren’t sold in half sizes) and they’re actually a little big. i’m obsessed with them though, so its worth it to have the extra room.



if i’m being completely honest, i don’t love this jumpsuit by itself. its one of those things that looked great the first time i wore it, but got all funky in the wash and has never looked the same. i’ve kept it in my closet because i feel like its a great staple and someday either it will magically go back to its original shape or my body will totally change and it will fit better. when i threw this sweater over it, and it worked, i said “quick marty grab the camera this might actually look good!!”

details: gap outlet jumpsuit (very similar), harlowe & graham sweater (similar), adidas superstars, sunglasses