rockstuds & (w)rinkles.

i promise i steamed this dress before wearing it, but the second i put it on it immediately wrinkled. i still love it a lot and wanted to talk about it regardless of the wrinkles.

i found this dress on a random (and rare) stroll through madewell. madewell has been very “miss” for me lately, so i was pleasantly surprised to find this little number. it has all of my dress needs: light, long enough to cover my rear, and pockets. AND it was a great deal. sold.

also, big surprise, another pair of rockstud dupes. i grabbed the only pair i saw in the brentwood target, and now that i’m looking at them online i’m considering getting them in white too! they’re really comfortable and could definitely pass for these.

details: madewell dress, target sandals

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