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is it just me, or has this been the longest week ever? i’m so so happy its finally friday! i hope y’all have a relaxing weekend. i’m hoping to spend as much of it as possible sleeping and in sweatpants. if thats you’re plan too, i have some links for ya! happy reading!

  1. when marty and i moved, we opted not to get cable since we rarely watch live tv and almost every network we DO watch has an apple tv app with a live tv option. i was happy as a clam with this setup until i realized that the two channels that show the golden girls do not have apps. i usually spend my sunday mornings watching the golden girls and drinking coffee and i haven’t been able to do this since october and honestly my heart is hurting. thankfully, the ladies will FINALLY be streaming starting monday. thank you, hulu, for being a friend.
  2. obsessed with this free (FREE!) printable from love & lion for valentines day. i discovered their adorable etsy shop on a late night instagram blackhole and i just love it all.
  3. anna wrote a very touching post about her grandparent’s love story after her grandfather’s passing. that kind of love is rare these days it seems, and her grandparents story is such an inspiration.
  4. apparently nashville is getting an indoor drive in theater? who even thought such a thing could exist, but it sounds awesome.
  5. this bell sleeved button down/leather leggings/loafer combo krista is wearing is my favorite fashion post this week.
  6. ashley reviewed these valentino rocketed caged flats dupes on her blog this week and now i can’t stop thinking about them! the matte black ones have gone in and out of my cart several times. i just have a hard time paying $100 on shoes from china, but thats probably just me being weird.
  7. sticking with the rockstud theme, i love these lace up steve madden sandals. i can’t decide if i want them in black or tan (or both :))
  8. if i had it my way, all my best friends would be in nashville. but because the world doesn’t revolve around me and my wants, they’re scattered all over the place (charleston, atlanta, IRELAND, you get the picture). technology makes it seem like everyone isn’t so far, but i loved reading carly’s tips on maintaining long distance friendships. i intend to find out all of their love languages this week so i can up my long distance friendship game.
  9. i love the chunky heel on these zara boots. and for $30 you might as well get both colors!
  10. reese witherspoon and her daughter are twins, seriously. i love this picture of them from the big little lies premiere. also, who else can’t wait for big little lies? the book is one of my all time favorites and i can’t wait to see HBO’s spin on it. not to mention, the cast is INCREDIBLE.
  11. i did embarrassingly well on this titanic quotes quiz. jack and rose forever and ever, y’all.
  12. this shirt is currently in my cart at j.crew.
  13. as someone who struggles with [often] crippling anxiety, i really loved katie’s honesty about hers, as well as her tips for managing without medication.
  14. i can’t pick a favorite part of this justin timberlake interview. gosh i love him.
  15. i’m trying to stay away from award shows this year, however, the grammy’s performance line up is just too good.

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