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YALL. i really hate the snow. its pretty for like a day, but when it hangs around for basically a week, no thank you. my whole life is covered in salt and i don’t know how to make it go away. my poor car looks like its been through a battle and all of my black shoes are now a dusty white. is it spring yet?!

i will say that what i appreciate about the snow is the relaxed week it forced me to have. which is why i was able to crank out another link post this week. i’m very proud of myself and how much attention i’ve given my little blog lately. i’ll stop bragging about it eventually, i promise.

  1. covering the bases is one of my favorite blogs to follow. though our styles aren’t super similar (krista is a bit more preppy than i am), i just love how authentic krista is in all of the content she puts out through her blog, instagram, and twitter. krista also has a lot of great advice, including this post about saving money.
  2. how dreamy is this south carolina treehouse air bnb where julia and thomas stayed for a weekend getaway?
  3. katie’s tips for motivating yourself out of a funk are great, and couldn’t have come at a better time. i find winter to be the most uninspiring unmotivating season to exist and i loathe it with all of my being (ok maybe i’m a little dramatic).
  4. watching brightons round brushing tutorial in hopes of finally learning how to round brush my hair without getting the brush permanently stuck in my hair and having to pull half of my hair out to remove it.
  5. SO MANY THINGS FOR SO CHEAP AT OLD NAVY RIGHT NOW!! i actually ordered this knit top last week and am tempted to order another color. its so so soft and comfortable. i also ordered these track pants last week and they’re technically from their active line, but i think you could pull them off as office appropriate? i really love the embroidered detail on these distressed jeans.
  6. i’m on a mission to have my life figured out by my 30th birthday (which is a lofty goal, i know), and part of having my life figured out is having my career figured out. i’m pretty certain i had a full fledged nervous breakdown when i turned 25, and at the center of that breakdown was how unhappy i was with my job. anyways, i came across this old zoe report article about how to make a drastic career change. its the first article on the subject that i’ve found to be actually helpful and doesn’t suggest making a career map.
  7. i literally stopped breathing for a moment when i saw this post about ashley’s vintage chanel bag. i think it might be the most beautiful bag i’ve ever seen. GOALS, man, GOALS.
  8. i loved and totally agree with grace’s review of the neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I’ve used these for forever and they really are the best!
  9. OBSESSED with kathleen’s velvet pant suit. she looks so chic, so comfortable, and like such a bad ass. all the praise hands.
  10. saving carly’s journaling tips so that hopefully they will motivate me to get back into journaling and actually follow through with one of my 2018 resolutions.
  11. do yall follow leanne’s monthy dress series? if you don’t you totally should. shes so creative and talented and the january dress is SO DREAMY. and those underwater pictures are SO COOL.
  12. my friend kristy was kind enough to inform me this week that you can buy obagi online now! the mom of the boy i used to nanny got me the cleanser and the toner one summer when my breakouts were exceptionally bad, and i swear they worked miracles. i haven’t the line in forever because you could only get the products through a dermatologist, so i’m pretty pumped to use it again!
  13. becky’s skinny white chicken chilli recipe looks delicious.
  14. love and lion have so many cute valentine’s day printables for free on their site that are way more cute than most hallmark cards and perfect for galentines day, too.
  15. has anyone read the woman in the window yet? the plot summary makes it sound like a cross between vertigo and rear window (which I think is the point actually), but I need someone to tell me whether or not its too scary. I had really bad dreams after reading sharp objects and behind closed doors, and i’d like to avoid a similar experience.

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  1. grace atwood says:

    so glad you agree with me on neutrogena! thank you for linking to me!!

    i’m about to start the woman in the window once i read the (very sad joan didion) book that i’m reading now. i have similar fears… I read behind closed doors and couldn’t stop thinking about it for WEEKS. it’s gotten so much hype so will be interesting to see how it actually is.

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