fifteen links.

(my dress, shoes, sunglasses)

okay enough self praise. here are fifteen links for your winter weather weekend reading enjoyment 🙂

  1. i was very into the all black attire at the golden globes, for obvious moral reasons and also because all of the crowd shots looked SO chic. this should be a thing every year, powers at be. here’s a good round up of all the best looks.
  2. the bachelor is back which means alice’s perfect recaps are back, too!
  3. have you guys seen the greatest showman yet? if you haven’t, stop reading this and buy tickets RIGHT NOW. its so good and i have watched this video of keala settle singing “this is me” during pre production at least 50 times and i cry every time.
  4. i don’t love chicken pot pie, but liz’s skinny chicken pot pie recipe looks so good and seems like the perfect thing to make during the actual winter we’re having this year.
  5. OBSESSED with justin timberlake’s new song. i haven’t stopped listening to it. he also just announced his man of the woods world tour and he will be in nashville may 9 HINT HINT to anyone that wants to get me a gift….
  6. SO EXCITED for julia’s dress line. she’s one of my favorite bloggers and i can’t wait to see what her collection looks like.
  7. i just finished binging the marvelous mrs. maisel and i loved every second of it. everything about it is just so incredibly charming, i can’t believe it took me this long to watch it. apparently everyone can watch it for free this weekend. its only 8 episodes so you have time to binge it all and still have a life 🙂
  8. i’ve been following carly’s meditation journey all year. i’m still on the fence about it, but becoming more and more convinced with each new post. she did a guest post on the stripe summarizing her mediation experience and considering my most recent panic attack lasted about 2 hours, i’m seriously considering starting my own meditation journey.
  9. these peanut butter cookies are so so easy and the best for last minute events because you probably already have these ingredients at home. i haven’t made them in forever, but i made them yesterday for the kids i nanny and remembered how much i love them.
  10. while “iced in” this weekend, i’m going to finally read a wrinkle in time. somehow i missed reading it in elementary school and i feel like its something i should do before the movie comes out in march.
  11. free people is having a random 50% off 50 items sale today! thinking about this thermal, this henley, and this dress. these booties are also pretty great.
  12. this twitter thread of as seen on tv gifs is HYSTERICAL.
  13. wait…jude law is dumbledore in the upcoming fantastic beasts movie?! how did i miss this?!
  14. i’ve gotta talk about this dress. after seeing 3 (maybe it was 4?) bloggers post about it and rave about how flattering it is, i pulled the trigger. based on the reviews, i sized up. it came in the mail and i was PUMPED. i immediately put it on and planned to wear it that day, only to realize it looked HORRIBLE on me. HORRIBLE. did i just get a bad dress? because when i say every blogger has this frock, i’m talking that no less than 10 have posted about it. and they’re all different body types?! what am i missing here? whats wrong with me! (if you want to see different people wearing it check out a southern drawl, dani austin, brighton the day, and lauren loves)
  15. have y’all ever tried a retinoid? i’m still not completely certain what it does, but i’ve been using this one by the ordinary and i’m very into how my skin’s been looking lately.

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  1. grace atwood says:

    thanks for linking to carly’s post on my blog! I am pretty new to meditation and can’t recommend it enough – it’s really, really helpful. Maybe try starting with a sleep meditation (headspace has a great one!!) and going from there!

    happy sunday! x

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