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in less than two weeks marty and i will be on our way to ireland to visit our dear friends and i CANNOT WAIT. but also i feel like theres a lot to do to prepare and i’ve been scouring the internet for packing and traveling tips. please send any you have to offer my way!

maybe one day i’ll do outfit posts again. its just blazing hot here in the summer that all i want to wear are dresses that don’t touch my body and those posts would get a little monotonous. also, its just too hard to take photos or try and make myself take photos. in the meantime, here’s some links!

  1. i have these loeffler randall fenton rain boots i’m planning to take on the trip. apparently its not as cool to wear wellies out and about in ireland, but i also don’t want to step in poop or get soaked, so i’m glad i have these not-so-obvious rain boots.
  2. i’m also obsessively looking for slip on sneakers to take. this vince pair is my number one choice, but paying $100 for sneakers to wear in a place where there’s always a chance of rain is not ideal. i’m leaning towards this steve madden pair, but i really dislike the little steve madden logo thing on the back. anyone have any ideas on how to take that off?
  3. this j.crew trench coat is coming with me to ireland! i was very lucky and got an awesome deal on it last year end of season.
  4. still updating my nordstrom anniversary sale post frequently! the sale ends august 6, so theres plenty of time to shop!!
  5. i grew up going to “the drugstore” with my grandparents whenever i would visit them in cross plains. i have great memories of sharing a milkshake with my memaw here! its sad that places like this are few and far between these days.
  6. the story of this mom at yoga is SO FUNNY.
  7. i LOVE the new bravo show “sweet home oklahoma.” if you haven’t watched, please find it on demand and start right now. i literally laugh out loud all through every episode (which makes me look really special since i’m normally watching at the gym). anyways, jennifer and josh are two of the main cast members (and the funniest), and their story is really inspiring. if they can make it though all the crap they’ve been through together, then there’s hope for us all.
  8. ripped jeans are my favorite jeans, but every pair inevitably ends up looking like a pair of one teaspoon trashed freebirds (this post is a good example of that). definitely going to try this trick.
  9. i spent a lot of time watching videos on krista’s youtube channel this weekend. this dry shampoo review video inspired me to give dry shampoo another chance soon.
  10. i am appalled that this many humans exist that think “medium rare chicken” is a thing. what is wrong with people?!
  11. i recently started following leanne on instagram and went down a rabbit hole on her blog of sewing tutorials. i inherited my grandmothers sewing machine but i don’t even know how to turn it on. maybe i should learn so i can make all the t-shirt dresses.
  12. i anxiously awaited each installment of anna and her husband’s love story, and you GUYS. its a good one. if you have time, i recommend reading all three parts. such an awesome and encouraging story about following your heart AND god’s timing.
  13. a bloggers job is to paint a “perfect” picture and though i understand that, i LOVE it when bloggers get real. brighton and meghan both had really encouraging, really relatable posts this week about handling those negative head space days.
  14. why why WHY do these shoes exist?
  15. i want to make this turkey pesto meatloaf asap!!!

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