fifteen links.

(most likely my 4th of july outfit. details in this post.)

whew. its been a minute since i’ve even logged into wordpress. i’m trying this new thing where i stop pressuring myself and setting ridiculously high expectations for myself in life. i have an awesome group of friends and the best family and they love me so should impressing strangers really be a priority for me? i realize that the answer to that is obvious, but i’m a people pleaser to a FAULT.

anyways, moving on..
happy weekend before july 4th! here are some great links for your reading pleasure 🙂

  1. i heard about this heartbreaking story about a friend of a friend and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this family. however, its truly incredible the way the community has banded together to lift them up financially and prayerfully. its amazing what god can do in the light of something horrible like this.
  2. did y’all watch the series finale of pretty little liars?! am i the only one that was still watching that show?! i still have a million questions and will probably go back and watch the entire series, though its clear from this interview with the producer that the big A.D. reveal wasn’t planned from the beginning which ANNOYS me.
  3. i just recently started following taylor’s blog and her realness in this post made me wish there was a way to give someone a standing ovation through the internet.
  4. after reading ashley’s post about microneedling, i actually ordered one and some retinol capsules of some sort. i’m really excited (and nervous) to try it!
  5. zara is having a killer sale right now.
  6. i haven’t watched the bachelorette in years, but i tuned in a few weeks ago to see a guy i grew up with perform. i was actually appalled at the behavior of that lee fellow. i can’t believe ABC is allowing him to exist on the show. it for sure confirmed my decision to never watch again and just learn all i need to know from alice’s blog.
  7. i bought this tie dye free people jacket during the shopbop sale and i know i love it but i’m not totally sure how to style it? i’m open to input!!
  8. a long time ago, someone told me i should freeze my jeans to keep them looking nice and fitting well. i actually did it for a while, and then fell off the wagon for some reason. i was surprised to see this article last week. maybe i’ll start freezing my jeans again?
  9. my favorite bralette is on sale for less than $10.
  10. have y’all heard about amazon prime wardrobe? such a game changer!!!
  11. in an attempt to take better care of my hair, i bought this stuff on a whim. holy cow its SO GOOD. i run about a quarter sized amount through my hair after towel drying it. then, i braid it into pigtails and let it air dry while i do my makeup, get dressed, and drive to work. by the time i get to work its pretty much dry and looks like i’ve used a curling wand (as seen in this post)! the only downside i’ve noticed is that my roots are a bit frizzy, but i think thats really my own fault for aggressively towel drying my hair? anyways, its great and y’all should try it. and its so cheap that if it doesn’t work its not like you’re out a ton of money.
  12. an interesting article about money and relationships.
  13. i have literally been saying for 3 years that i’m going to try bulletproof coffee. this recipe looks DELICIOUS.
  14. i really should read this post ten more times and then do my own year without shopping. to say i’m addicted would be an understatement.
  15. speaking of..remember this post justifying why i dropped a small portion on designer boots? yeah so ends up, i’m selling them. my cost per wear in the non winter we had here in tennessee just isn’t justifying them like i thought. so if you’re interested, heres the link to them in my poshmark closet!

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