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i’m not one to post tons of outfit selfies on instagram, but i’ve been trying to get better about it. especially in this crap tastic weather we’ve been having lately, its not like i’ve exactly been inspired to go out and take lots of outfit photos. so here’s a wee little instagram round up of outfits recently. lots of these things are on sale, too!

i know i posted this picture already on my hair post, but it was worth posting again because i’m obsessed with this sweatshirt and its on major sale right now!

yes i’m an idiot and wore shorts in the snow..but not for long! these are my absolute favorite workout shoes right now though!! they go with everything and give lots of support, which is great because i do a lot of HIIT workouts at home when i don’t have time to get to the gym.

i love this t-shirt because its basically the $35 version of the nearly $600 gucci one. i could never justify a $600 t-shirt but i can certainly justify a $35 one (milan version is sold out, but this venice version is just as cute).

we celebrated our sweet friend rachel a few weekends ago with a fiesta themed bridal shower! i was very into my outfit (not to toot my own horn) and i’m obsessed with this shirt so much that i bought it in two colors.

this is an older picture, BUT these something navy x treasure and bond mules are now less than $30!! what a steal!!


have a great week!!

coffee talk.

(my preschool pals at our friend ellen’s wedding this past november)

one of the best parts about teaching preschool was that i worked with some of my best friends, and now even six months after leaving, i still miss being with them everyday!! catching up about our weekends while making a pot of coffee was the best…so in the spirit of missing my friends and our “coffee talks”..i bring you coffee talk. obviously to be pronounced just like the snl sketch.

-i had a really awesome experience in sephora on saturday. if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my insta story about it. long story short, i went in to look for make up and the person that helped me was SO NICE, which rarely happens when i go there! the lady that helped me is a makeup artist and recommended this smashbox BB water stuff and i’m loving it so far. it literally feels like i’m wearing nothing.

-marty and i started watching seinfeld this weekend and i like it so far! except am i supposed to hate elaine? because i hate her a little.

-i’ve also been sucked back into the grey’s anatomy black hole. i was vehemently against the show ever since derek was mercilessly murdered for no good reason, but unfortunately  i still “like” it on facebook so i see updates and commercials and things. a few weeks ago they were advertising the episode where matthew morrison plays jo’s ex husband and after seeing the ad for a week i caved and watched it. guys, somehow after 4000 seasons, that show is STILL good. since then i’ve been in a deep binge catching up on the last two seasons. thank goodness for netflix and hulu.

-this is my current favorite outfit. my mom gave me this j.crew sweater for christmas and i am OBSESSED (its not online anymore but this one is pretty similar). the tag says dry clean only but i just wash it on delicate by itself and its been holding up just fine. i’m actually wearing it as we speak with these grey jeans and my favorite peter nappi flats. lets talk about these crop flare jeans. i was very weary of the crop flare trend for a long time, but i found these babies for cheap at old navy and i could not love them more. because i’m a giant, i ordered the tall length and i think they’re perfect. i feel so chic and grown up when i wear them.


okay i think thats all i have to talk about now. i’m sure y’all will be waiting on pins and needles for my next post like this 😉

have a great week!!

how i FINALLY got my hair to grow.

i’m sure at this point everyone has heard the sad story about how in the summer of 2015, a large portion of my poor hair completely broke off, leaving me with what can only be described as guy fieri hair. if i didn’t blow dry my hair carefully, that chunk would stick straight up out of my head like a freaking troll doll. thankfully, there’s evidence of this on the internet for forever (and evidence of the time i ran clear across nisaan stadium to meet chip esten). the hair absolutely refused to grow back in that spot for FOREVER. the picture above was taken february of 2016, and you can definitively see the part of my hair i’m talking about. it was so so sad.

last year i finally decided to get my hair under control and what i did actually worked. i’m not actually a hair expert, i’m just sharing what worked for me! maybe these things will work for you, maybe not, but i think its worth a try!

(i realize this is a silly picture but you can really tell how blonde i was!!)

1. the first thing i (reluctantly) did to help my hair grow back was to stop dying it blonde. this still pains me actually. i LOVED having blonde hair. loved it. i was able to go much longer between washes because blonde doesn’t show grease as much and i just felt so confident with blonde hair. but, i know that all of the bleach is the reason my hair pretty much died, so i gave it up. sigh.

2. the next thing i did to really help my hair was to give up using heat on my hair for an extended period of time. i had read so many places that giving up using heat on your hair really helps it grow (i mean duh), so i bit the bullet and gave it a try. it was really hard to put away the blow dryer and straightener, but i started last april when it started getting really warm and humid here and stuck with it until about october when the humidity left. i put this air drying product every morning after towel drying my hair. i would scrunch the cream into my hair and then braid my hair into two pigtails while i put my makeup on, take the braids out and scrunch some more, and then actually braid my hair again for the drive to work. once i got the hang of it, my hair actually air dried pretty nicely! and the summer humidity helped give volume and a bit more wave. i’ll most likely do another “no heat summer” again this year because it made my hair so healthy.

3. the other thing i did that really helped my hair was to take obscene amounts of hair, skin, and nail vitamins. i took this one for a while and then switched to this one just because i’m a child and prefer gummy vitamins. when i say obscene amounts, i mean i took double the recommended dose, only because i’ve taken these things in the past and the recommended 2 vitamins a day did nothing for me. i should also mention that once i was satisfied with how long my hair got, immediately stopped taking the vitamins. i was worried if i took that many indefinitely, my body would get immune to them or something (really medically sound advice y’all are getting from this blog).

i started getting SO MANY compliments about my hair and how healthy it looked this fall and winter, and i was shocked. this was the first time i’ve committed to any sort of regiment that actually worked.  so maybe y’all will have similar  results? good luck!

ps-naturally after all of that hard work growing my hair out, i chopped of 6 inches of it last weekend. such a typical girl move, ya know?