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fifteen links.

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YALL. i really hate the snow. its pretty for like a day, but when it hangs around for basically a week, no thank you. my whole life is covered in salt and i don’t know how to make it go away. my poor car looks like its been through a battle and all of my black shoes are now a dusty white. is it spring yet?!

i will say that what i appreciate about the snow is the relaxed week it forced me to have. which is why i was able to crank out another link post this week. i’m very proud of myself and how much attention i’ve given my little blog lately. i’ll stop bragging about it eventually, i promise.

  1. covering the bases is one of my favorite blogs to follow. though our styles aren’t super similar (krista is a bit more preppy than i am), i just love how authentic krista is in all of the content she puts out through her blog, instagram, and twitter. krista also has a lot of great advice, including this post about saving money.
  2. how dreamy is this south carolina treehouse air bnb where julia and thomas stayed for a weekend getaway?
  3. katie’s tips for motivating yourself out of a funk are great, and couldn’t have come at a better time. i find winter to be the most uninspiring unmotivating season to exist and i loathe it with all of my being (ok maybe i’m a little dramatic).
  4. watching brightons round brushing tutorial in hopes of finally learning how to round brush my hair without getting the brush permanently stuck in my hair and having to pull half of my hair out to remove it.
  5. SO MANY THINGS FOR SO CHEAP AT OLD NAVY RIGHT NOW!! i actually ordered this knit top last week and am tempted to order another color. its so so soft and comfortable. i also ordered these track pants last week and they’re technically from their active line, but i think you could pull them off as office appropriate? i really love the embroidered detail on these distressed jeans.
  6. i’m on a mission to have my life figured out by my 30th birthday (which is a lofty goal, i know), and part of having my life figured out is having my career figured out. i’m pretty certain i had a full fledged nervous breakdown when i turned 25, and at the center of that breakdown was how unhappy i was with my job. anyways, i came across this old zoe report article about how to make a drastic career change. its the first article on the subject that i’ve found to be actually helpful and doesn’t suggest making a career map.
  7. i literally stopped breathing for a moment when i saw this post about ashley’s vintage chanel bag. i think it might be the most beautiful bag i’ve ever seen. GOALS, man, GOALS.
  8. i loved and totally agree with grace’s review of the neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I’ve used these for forever and they really are the best!
  9. OBSESSED with kathleen’s velvet pant suit. she looks so chic, so comfortable, and like such a bad ass. all the praise hands.
  10. saving carly’s journaling tips so that hopefully they will motivate me to get back into journaling and actually follow through with one of my 2018 resolutions.
  11. do yall follow leanne’s monthy dress series? if you don’t you totally should. shes so creative and talented and the january dress is SO DREAMY. and those underwater pictures are SO COOL.
  12. my friend kristy was kind enough to inform me this week that you can buy obagi online now! the mom of the boy i used to nanny got me the cleanser and the toner one summer when my breakouts were exceptionally bad, and i swear they worked miracles. i haven’t the line in forever because you could only get the products through a dermatologist, so i’m pretty pumped to use it again!
  13. becky’s skinny white chicken chilli recipe looks delicious.
  14. love and lion have so many cute valentine’s day printables for free on their site that are way more cute than most hallmark cards and perfect for galentines day, too.
  15. has anyone read the woman in the window yet? the plot summary makes it sound like a cross between vertigo and rear window (which I think is the point actually), but I need someone to tell me whether or not its too scary. I had really bad dreams after reading sharp objects and behind closed doors, and i’d like to avoid a similar experience.
how i clean out my closet.

i am constantly shopping and constantly trying to purge my closet. i use a few different tools, so i thought it might be helpful if i explained my process and then pro/conned the different selling tools i use in case you were in the mood to purge, too!

how i choose clothes to sell/get rid of:
true life, the catalyst of me purging my closet is always when i run out of hangers for my clean clothes. its like a little (and frequent) reality check that my closet is too full. so basically, i notice that i need more hangers, and i start looking through my closet for things i can get rid of. most of the items i end up getting rid of in these moments are things i’ve had for more than a year and never actually wore, things that i haven’t worn in more than a year, or things that just aren’t my style anymore. if the item is more than four or so years old or something i didn’t pay much for, i’ll add it to a goodwill/give to friends pile i always have going. if the item is in great condition and a good brand, i’ll do one of three things:

list it on poshmark:
how: listing on poshmark is pretty simple once you’ve created your account. basically you take pictures of your item, answer a few simple questions about it, and then hit post.

pros: once you’ve listed the item(s), you don’t really have to worry about it. there are no time restrictions on poshmark, so you could leave items in your “closet” for years until they sold. there also aren’t any restrictions as to how many times you can “share” the items in your close. facebook groups often have rules about how many times you can bump/share your listings, but with poshmark you can self share all day long if you so desire.

poshmark makes shipping your item once its sold very easy too. the moment someone buys your item, you get an email PDF of a prepaid shipping label. all you have to do is print it, package your item, and drop it at the post office WITHOUT waiting in line. its SO EASY. the most annoying part of selling on eBay was waiting in line to mail something!!

poshmark also has a lot of seller tools and tips within the app to help you sell things. this blog post would be 50 years long if i detailed all of them, but trust me they’re super helpful.

cons: poshmark works sort of like instagram in that its more beneficial to you to “engage” with other users. the more you like and share other user’s posts, the more likely those same users are to follow you and reciprocate the gesture. obviously the more followers you have, the more shares you will get, and the more people that will see your posts. it can get exhausting trying to keep up with it, especially if you have a lot of listings in your closet.

poshmark also takes a hefty commission of 30% which can get annoying. i have been able to sell things for more money on poshmark than they would’ve sold for on facebook, so in most cases the commission doesn’t bother me too much. it does get tricky when listing things for less than $15, because at that point you’re not really making much. i have a general rule for myself that the lowest price i’ll take on poshmark is $10, but i’ve really tried to stay away from listing things for that low because its just more trouble than its worth at that point for $7. if this is the case i’ll usually try listing it on facebook before sending it off to thread up or goodwill.

list it on facebook in a buy, sell, trade group:
how: listing an item to sell on facebook is basically the same as listing it on poshmark. you take a picture (just be mindful of the facebook group’s rules about how many pictures you’re allowed to post) and fill in some basic info about the item.

pros: the biggest pro to selling something via facebook is convenience. porch pick up (or PPU in facebook lingo) is the method i use to “deliver” items to the people that buy them, so all i have to do is literally set it on my porch. people buying from facebook are usually paying in cash, so not waiting for any sort of funds transfer is nice.

cons: there are SO MANY RULES to follow when posting things in facebook selling groups, the biggest one being that you can only bump (reshare) your post X amount of times. when i first started selling through facebook this wasn’t a big deal, but now these facebook groups are so full of people that are always posting that chances of your post actually getting seen are SLIM. people in these groups are also looking for yard sale prices, so chances of selling your higher end brand items for a decent amount are also slim.

send it into thread up:
sending your closet clean out items into thread up is probably the easiest method outside of just donating to goodwill. all you do is create an account and request a closet clean out bag. thread up mails you a bag, you fill it up with clothes, shoes, or accessories, and you mail it back. they will send you an email once they’ve processed your bag letting you know how many items they’re keeping and how much your payout is.

pros: this is by far the easiest way to make money off of your closet cleanout. as you can see, the bags hold A LOT. thread up donates items they don’t accept to charity, so thats nice, too. i like to send things to thread up that i got for super cheap, because i won’t be losing money if they don’t accept them.

cons: the biggest con with thread up is how little of a payout you actually get. they’ve accepted roughly 25 of my items, and my current payout amount is $39. and of course they’re listing things for much more than what they’re paying you for them. its basically JUST like platos closet, without having to wait around in a smelly store for them to offer you no money. the bag process time with thread up is UNREAL. the last bag i sent in to them took them literally 6 weeks to process. are that many people sending things in? i don’t get it.


none of these methods is completely fool proof or more in the seller’s favor than the other. i think if i had to choose, poshmark would be my favorite, facebook my least favorite, and thread up is just whatever to me. but everyone is different and i definitely recommend trying all three! if you have any questions or need help getting started with poshmark or facebook, i’m always happy to help! also, if theres a better way for me to make money off my closet out there PLEASE fill me in..i’m always looking for easy ways to do this closet clean out thing.

fifteen links.

(my dress, shoes, sunglasses)

okay enough self praise. here are fifteen links for your winter weather weekend reading enjoyment 🙂

  1. i was very into the all black attire at the golden globes, for obvious moral reasons and also because all of the crowd shots looked SO chic. this should be a thing every year, powers at be. here’s a good round up of all the best looks.
  2. the bachelor is back which means alice’s perfect recaps are back, too!
  3. have you guys seen the greatest showman yet? if you haven’t, stop reading this and buy tickets RIGHT NOW. its so good and i have watched this video of keala settle singing “this is me” during pre production at least 50 times and i cry every time.
  4. i don’t love chicken pot pie, but liz’s skinny chicken pot pie recipe looks so good and seems like the perfect thing to make during the actual winter we’re having this year.
  5. OBSESSED with justin timberlake’s new song. i haven’t stopped listening to it. he also just announced his man of the woods world tour and he will be in nashville may 9 HINT HINT to anyone that wants to get me a gift….
  6. SO EXCITED for julia’s dress line. she’s one of my favorite bloggers and i can’t wait to see what her collection looks like.
  7. i just finished binging the marvelous mrs. maisel and i loved every second of it. everything about it is just so incredibly charming, i can’t believe it took me this long to watch it. apparently everyone can watch it for free this weekend. its only 8 episodes so you have time to binge it all and still have a life 🙂
  8. i’ve been following carly’s meditation journey all year. i’m still on the fence about it, but becoming more and more convinced with each new post. she did a guest post on the stripe summarizing her mediation experience and considering my most recent panic attack lasted about 2 hours, i’m seriously considering starting my own meditation journey.
  9. these peanut butter cookies are so so easy and the best for last minute events because you probably already have these ingredients at home. i haven’t made them in forever, but i made them yesterday for the kids i nanny and remembered how much i love them.
  10. while “iced in” this weekend, i’m going to finally read a wrinkle in time. somehow i missed reading it in elementary school and i feel like its something i should do before the movie comes out in march.
  11. free people is having a random 50% off 50 items sale today! thinking about this thermal, this henley, and this dress. these booties are also pretty great.
  12. this twitter thread of as seen on tv gifs is HYSTERICAL.
  13. wait…jude law is dumbledore in the upcoming fantastic beasts movie?! how did i miss this?!
  14. i’ve gotta talk about this dress. after seeing 3 (maybe it was 4?) bloggers post about it and rave about how flattering it is, i pulled the trigger. based on the reviews, i sized up. it came in the mail and i was PUMPED. i immediately put it on and planned to wear it that day, only to realize it looked HORRIBLE on me. HORRIBLE. did i just get a bad dress? because when i say every blogger has this frock, i’m talking that no less than 10 have posted about it. and they’re all different body types?! what am i missing here? whats wrong with me! (if you want to see different people wearing it check out a southern drawl, dani austin, brighton the day, and lauren loves)
  15. have y’all ever tried a retinoid? i’m still not completely certain what it does, but i’ve been using this one by the ordinary and i’m very into how my skin’s been looking lately.


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i don’t think i’ve ever set a new years resolution. so in an effort to YOLO the crap out of my 30th year of life (yeah, i turn 30 this year…totally fine with it…), i’m setting some resolutions, and sharing them for accountability’s sake.

  1. stop cursing.
    i love a good curse word (sorry, mom). there are just certain situations in life where words fail and the only solution is to shout an expletive. however, i’ve let the occasional expletive become a large habit. i realized this when my mother in law was innocently relaxing on our couch during a visit. i went to put a candle out, it was hotter than i anticipated, and i immediately shouted “oh f***!” literally right in front of my mother in law. DOH. i’m still mortified at the thought. so its time to stop. i think i’m going to use my digit app and just save a dollar every time i curse (because its 2018 who carries that kind of cash these days) unless anyone has any better suggestions..that aren’t like shock therapy or anything.
  2. cut back on caffeine. 
    oof. that one hurt to type. i drink so much coffee though. i need to reel it in or switch to decaf or something because i don’t think its natural to consume as much caffeine as i do before noon most days. and as much as i hate to admit it, i know that cutting back on caffeine will help curb a lot of my anxiety issues.
  3. stop being so negative/gossipy.
    i fall into the black hole of gossiping far too easily and its just not cool. i can’t stand the thought that someone would gossip about me, so i need to do others the same courtesy. gossiping also perpetuates my inherent bad attitude and i feel like the two traits just feed off of each other. i eventually want to have kids and i just don’t want to set that sort of example for any future offspring.
  4. write more.
    writing is so therapeutic for me. my senior year of college was tough for me, and besides having wonderful friends, the only thing that got me through was journaling the crap out of my feelings. it felt really good to feverishly write down everything i was feeling and just leave it in that notebook and go on with my day. i also feel more collected when i take time to write my thoughts and feelings down. on this same note, i want to get back into blogging (i keep saying this and then not doing it, so i’m just going to keep saying it until it happens).
  5. pay off debt.
    i don’t need to elaborate on this very much. i love shopping and because of my shopping habit i’ve accrued some credit card debt. its manageable but annoying and i’m mad at myself for letting it happen because i know better. i plan to do the dave ramsey debt snowball method to knock it out and hopefully keep it out of my life forever.

have y’all set any resolutions? please let me know so we can all hold each other accountable. and if you hear me utter a single curse word, make sure i put a dollar in my “swear jar.”

sunday sales & steals.

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i’ve been reevaluating this blog situation for months now and i still haven’t landed on a definite direction. all i know is that i love shopping, i love sharing, and i love writing. how to best combine those things is still up in the air. BUT until then, there are just too many great sales happening right now not to share. so here is a list of lots of random things that i’m loving on sale right now to help combat those sunday sads.

the sweatshirt version of my favorite tank top (as seen above) is on sale for $28 at macy’s. i bought it (duh) and love it so much that i just ordered this cheeky one (i sized up in both for a roomy fit).

i’ve been eyeing these unlined uggs for months and am thisclose to pulling the trigger. what do y’all think?

old navy and j.crew both have great looking velvet jumpsuits on sale right now. if i had a wedding this winter i would for SURE snag one.

i bought marty this cardigan last week for stupid cheap. it looks so nice and classy on him, and goes with so much in his wardrobe. i should be nice and grab him another color probably.

i ordered this dress a few weeks ago on a whim and really love it. the length is perfect and i really love the mustard color.

my favorite workout top (i have it in black, not pink, but this is a great price).

all of the j.crew swimsuits please. j.crew makes my all time favorite swimsuits and now is a great time to get one, especially if you’re lucky enough to go on a warm winter getaway.

i really like the sleeves on this sweater.

my something navy x treasure and bond mules are 40% off.

my favorite rag and bone booties are on sale for less than $200.

these free people slippers look equal parts insane and cozy.

the BEST workout leggings.

this scarf cape situation is the perfect throw on and go chic accessory.

this striped, strapey jumpsuit is SO cute.

this pair of high rise levi’s looks so cool. (i could never pull them off but maybe you can?)

um, nordstrom rack has a missoni poncho for less than $70, this seems insane to me.

i need to stop before i buy anything else. happy sunday, y’all!