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i don’t think i’ve ever set a new years resolution. so in an effort to YOLO the crap out of my 30th year of life (yeah, i turn 30 this year…totally fine with it…), i’m setting some resolutions, and sharing them for accountability’s sake.

  1. stop cursing.
    i love a good curse word (sorry, mom). there are just certain situations in life where words fail and the only solution is to shout an expletive. however, i’ve let the occasional expletive become a large habit. i realized this when my mother in law was innocently relaxing on our couch during a visit. i went to put a candle out, it was hotter than i anticipated, and i immediately shouted “oh f***!” literally right in front of my mother in law. DOH. i’m still mortified at the thought. so its time to stop. i think i’m going to use my digit app and just save a dollar every time i curse (because its 2018 who carries that kind of cash these days) unless anyone has any better suggestions..that aren’t like shock therapy or anything.
  2. cut back on caffeine. 
    oof. that one hurt to type. i drink so much coffee though. i need to reel it in or switch to decaf or something because i don’t think its natural to consume as much caffeine as i do before noon most days. and as much as i hate to admit it, i know that cutting back on caffeine will help curb a lot of my anxiety issues.
  3. stop being so negative/gossipy.
    i fall into the black hole of gossiping far too easily and its just not cool. i can’t stand the thought that someone would gossip about me, so i need to do others the same courtesy. gossiping also perpetuates my inherent bad attitude and i feel like the two traits just feed off of each other. i eventually want to have kids and i just don’t want to set that sort of example for any future offspring.
  4. write more.
    writing is so therapeutic for me. my senior year of college was tough for me, and besides having wonderful friends, the only thing that got me through was journaling the crap out of my feelings. it felt really good to feverishly write down everything i was feeling and just leave it in that notebook and go on with my day. i also feel more collected when i take time to write my thoughts and feelings down. on this same note, i want to get back into blogging (i keep saying this and then not doing it, so i’m just going to keep saying it until it happens).
  5. pay off debt.
    i don’t need to elaborate on this very much. i love shopping and because of my shopping habit i’ve accrued some credit card debt. its manageable but annoying and i’m mad at myself for letting it happen because i know better. i plan to do the dave ramsey debt snowball method to knock it out and hopefully keep it out of my life forever.

have y’all set any resolutions? please let me know so we can all hold each other accountable. and if you hear me utter a single curse word, make sure i put a dollar in my “swear jar.”

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  1. Daddy says:

    This is dad. Mom let me read this. How come I can’t I read this on my computer? Stay warm! Love you!

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