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i seriously almost titled this post “am i wearing pants” but decided not to draw attention to the obvious. YES i’m wearing pants guys but isn’t the best part of summer eating all of the ice cream and wearing flowy shirts with shorts?!

this adorable shirt is from this new boutique in brentwood called dress up. guys its SO CUTE. and everything in the store was less than $50. and its less than 50 feet from my work (a small exaggeration but its really close), which is dangerous for me.

details: shirt (i can’t find it online for some reason, but they have a million cute shirts), old navy shorts, j.crew flip flops

sales & steals: vacation essentials.

(image from this post)

somehow i got lucky, and i’m headed to the beach again this weekend. i am SO SO SO excited! in the spirit of vacation, here’s a little round up of my favorite beach/vacation/pool day essentials that don’t break the bank.

  1. i’m very into the idea of a one piece, so i ordered this one from amazon because it was unique and cheap. unfortunately, i’m a smidge too tall for it, but i definitely recommend it! the quality seemed decent for less than $20 and bonus: it’s padded.
  2. i ordered this leave in conditioner for post beach/sun hair and this solar recovery body spray for when i (inevitably) get burned. i got burned last weekend at the pool and sprayed the solar recover on immediately and my burn healed fast and didn’t peel!
  3. obsessed with this beach towel!!!
  4. these are my favorite flip flops this season. i have them in brown and gold, and i just ordered the black. they’re SO comfortable and don’t look sloppy.
  5. these havaianas are my favorite flip flops for the pool. and they last FOREVER. i’ve had both of my pairs for 2 or 3 years.
  6. j.crew makes my favorite swim suits and they have so many cute options on sale right now for amazing prices. i’m IN LOVE with this long sleeved, zip up one piece.
  7. i grabbed this beach bag in black last year and its perfect.
  8. taking into the water and in a dark, dark wood for this beach trip.
  9. i have two of the wet brush hair brushes because they are literally the best for brushing wet hair. i keep one in my pool bag at all times.
  10. my throw on and go to the beach hat.
so much j.crew.

this is the j.crew-iest of j.crew outfits i could put together i think. and tip toeing on the side of preppy for me, but i don’t hate it.

this dress is from a few years ago and the BEST. i actually had it in three colors at one point: navy, white, and a neon orangey/pink. i got rid of the neon one in an attempt to pare down my wardrobe (ha!) and i regret it so much. its such an easy dress to dress up or down (or wear as a beach cover up), and its so roomy and comfortable that a kid once asked me if i was pregnant while wearing it.

details: j.crew dress (this one is similar-ish-looks just as comfy!) and sandals, j.crew factory jacket