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fifteen links.

  1. i bought 52 lists for happiness on a random amazon whim, and i love it so much. i know you’re only supposed to do a list a week, but i’ve already done several. i HIGHLY recommend this book/journal, especially if you struggle with anxiety. plus, its just so stinking cute!
  2. i added lots of dresses to my easter dress shopping post!
  3. my friend sarah recommended erin’s instagram last week, and her account quickly became my favorite. and ends up she just launched a blog, too, which of course is adorable. what i love most about her instagram and her blog is that she writes the way she talks (i mean i’m guessing because i obviously don’t know her IRL) and is just so REAL. also, her home is INCREDIBLE. this book wall? i die.
  4. have y’all seen this house hunters spoof, church hunters? every john crist video i watch is hysterical, but this one is just SO on point. gosh i hate millennials.
  5. i found this bralette while wandering through nordstrom rack the other day, and i think i’m going to order every color it comes in. it looks EXACTLY like this free people one (that i have in 3 colors already), except its padded! hallelujah thank you jesus i can wear this thing with more than just super loosey goosey tops!!
  6. the zara founder apparently makes more money in a day than i do in a week so thats pretty cool.
  7. i was innocently browsing the nordstrom sandal section and these strange looking things popped up. what is even happening here? who would pay money for these?!
  8. brighton wrote a really encouraging post about comparison and not feeling good enough.
  9. have y’all tried hello fresh? i’m really considering it. mainly because i hate grocery shopping with a flaming passion. pros? cons? other recommendations?
  10. i’m on the hunt for a new tote and i think this free people one is at the top of my list.
  11. i don’t watch the bachelor so i don’t feel like i appreciated this post as much as others, but how INCREDIBLE does finland look? i follow mackenzie and katie on instagram and was just in love with every post. i mean cmon they met santa AT HIS WORKSHOP.
  12. i bought these star print jeans last week and got TONS of compliments when i wore them. i like them so much more than i thought i would, and i think i can wear them a lot more than i thought i would, too!
  13. i also picked up this t-shirt last week because i saw amber wearing it in a recent post and thought it was wildfox-until i clicked the link!
  14. i have a (much needed) hair appointment tomorrow, and this emma roberts smoky quartz situation is the look i’m going for i think. if i don’t chicken out that is.
  15. i’m trying to clean out my closet and selling lots of stuff over on my poshmark (username @beccadaniels), including a pair of rag & bone newbury boots, which i raved about in this post.


a long time ago, old navy had some sort of “premium” line of clothes. i don’t understand what purpose it served, but this dress was part of that collection and i just love it so much. its a great length, a great color, a really cute pattern, and pretty perfect for springtime.

details: old navy shirt dress (similar, similar) and dolce vita booties

easter dress shopping.

(easter circa 1991 with my mom and my mimi)

maybe (most likely) its just a southern thing, but picking out my easter dress has pretty much always been a big deal. obviously when i was younger, my mom got to pick. but as i got older, choosing the perfect dress was a very important task (gotta look your best for jesus’ big day you know).

growing up, i was always on a budget for my easter look, and that idea has definitely stuck through adulthood (i just ordered this dress and this dress for this year). below, i’m rounding up some budget friendly options for y’all ($50 and under), in case you’re in need for some easter outfit planning inspo!

flowy and floral (zara, $49.90)
a very “easter” blue (nordstrom, $29.40)
long sleeve, mock neck floral (nordstrom rack $14.97)
embroidered shift dress (gap, $34.99)
short sleeve striped shirt dress (asos, $34)
simple scallops (j.crew factory, $41.50)
asymmetrical hem (free people via macy’s, $45.49)
lace-up jumpsuit (target, $27.99)
gauzy and comfortable white (old navy, $28)
bell sleeve tunic dress (nordstrom rack, $17.50)
ruffled cold shoulder (zara, $39.90)
fun gingham tunic (brickyard buffalo, $18.99)
tulip hem maxi (nordstrom, $42)
embroidered hem jumpsuit (asos, $39)
wrap front (shopbop, $42)
pretty lace (nordstrom, $49)
embroidered, gingham, and off the shoulder (asos, $31)
ruffle hem midi (old navy, $39.94)
classic polka dots (h&m, $34.99)

short sleeve “twofer” shirt dress (nordstrom rack, $44.97)
floral maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
patchwork print maxi (nordstrom, $38.90)
ruffled chambray dress (j.crew, $49.99)
knotted off the shoulder (nordstrom rack, $32.97)
eyelet flounce dress (j.crew factory, $39.99)
striped linen dress (old navy, $34.94)
open shoulder maxi (forever 21, $27.90)
floral high neck trapeze dress (nordsrom rack, $52.97-i know its over $50, but its SO easter-y!!)
paisley print (forever 21, $38)
long sleeved satin shift (nordstrom, $37.20)
woven cold shoulder (nordstrom rack, $27.97)
denim tassel dress (forever 21, $48)
floral shirt dress with pockets (gap factory, $46.99)
drop hem ruffle dress (asos, $30)

best of: boots

ends up, i have a lot of shoes.
an embarrassing amount for someone who teaches preschool and clearly doesn’t make millions. i thought it might be fun to do a few different “best of” blog posts talking about my shoes and why i promise each pair is needed!

first up: boots!

the newbury boot:

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

i’m pretty sure that this style of bootie is my all time favorite. they are so easy to dress up or down, and the style compliments almost every outfit. if i wasn’t such a boot hoarder, i think i could live the rest of my life with just this style of boot in my closet. paying full price for the newbury boot is a true investment-they cost right at $500 a pair. however, if you’re patient, you can snag a pair for way less than $200 (i bought my first pair for $200 off eBay, and then used poshmark credit to buy my next two pairs for $140 each). the rag and bone website often runs major end of season sales where i’ve seen the newbury listed for as low as $180. i definitely recommend investing in these boots. the quality is amazing, they’re SO comfortable, and they will definitely last a lifetime.

the harrow boot:

(full outfit post)

i know, i know, another rag and bone pair. the harrow boot was the first rag and bone boot i fell in love with, and the last to add to my closet. i feel like people literally own these boots forever, so it was hard to find the perfect preowned pair. like most of my designer shoes, i snagged this from poshmark for less than $150. i love the black strap and the taupe color-these boots will literally go with anything. the heel is a little lower than the newbury, so they’re slightly easier to wear.

OTK boots:

(full outfit post)

i did a full blog post about these stuart weiztman beauties here, so i won’t go talk too much about them in this post. i will say this: i love these boots so much and i’m so mad at tennessee for skipping winter and taking away all my opportunities to wear them.

everyday neutrals:

(full outfit post)

(full outfit post)

both pairs of these boots were nordstrom rack deals that i couldn’t pass up. i really try not to wear my more expensive pairs of boots daily considering my job. i really wanted some throw on and go boots that i wasn’t too attached to in case a child at work decided to pee on me or throw up on me (which literally happens once a week). i also try not to wear my designer shoes in the rain, if i can help it. each of these easy, classic booties is so comfortable and easy to style. and if they fall apart after this season, i’m not worried because i think i paid $30 each?

flat boots:

(full outfit post)

i think its important to have a pair of flat boots in your closet for times when a heel just isn’t an option. i’ve worn the pair above out on the weekends several times because they’re so comfortable and add a lot of personality to an outfit. i also own two pairs of cowboy boots (because nashville) and recently got this marc fisher pair from poshmark.

statement boots:


(full outfit post)

these free people snakeskin booties DEFINITELY make a statement. i love these because the snakeskin print is neutral colors, allowing them to pair with so many things in my closet and adding immediate personality to a pretty basic outfit.



fifteen links.

(image from this post)

i feel like i say this a lot but MAN this was a long week. i was starting to wonder if friday was ever going to come.

also, i realize that i say love approximately 76 times in this short post, but i can’t help it. i just really love a lot of things right now!!

  1. i really need to stop shopping as much as i do. i really appreciated these tips on giving up shopping for lent.
  2. speaking of not shopping, i just bought this mustache pullover because how am i supposed to not buy wildfox at that price?!
  3. rag & bone is having an awesome sale right now. up to 75% off so many great things-including my favorite boots!
  4. i will definitely be using merritt’s tips for trip planning for our upcoming ireland trip.
  5. i got these lace up gladiators this week and i LOVE them. they’re so comfortable and i’m seriously considering buying another color. i also have these in my shopping cart as we speak!
  6. i also just ordered these sandals from banana republic’s friends and family event (clearly, i’m on a sandal kick).
  7. making liz’s healthy peanut butter cups ASAP.
  8. i am SO into the new FX mini series “feud.” my dad scared the crap out of me as a child with “whatever happened to baby jane” and “hush hush sweet charlotte” (if you’ve never seen these movies i highly recommend them-so scary but SO GOOD). when i saw FX ryan murphy was doing a series about the infamous feud between bette davis and joan crawford, i couldn’t wait. i love history and i love hollywood trivia, so i’m very obsessed. i’ve been reading articles all week about how crazy both actresses were, and this story about their oscars drama is insane. i can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the series!
  9. i’m loving the big little lies series, too. since i read the book, i love reading theories about the murder and how the series will turn out. if you haven’t yet, read the book!! the twist is so twisty and so good you won’t even see it coming.
  10. i really love this neutral look on jess.
  11. to answer james’s question-YES, i am a homebody.
  12. i am so incredibly guilty of racking up mindless and useless hours of screen time. really trying to use some of hallie’s tips, starting with putting my phone down and focusing on whats actually important.
  13. can’t wait to try this strawberry margarita spritzer recipe once it gets warm again (eye roll emoji).
  14. two of my favorite (and most competitive) friends have birthdays coming up in april, and i’m really considering getting them this inflatable ring toss game for sunday funday competitions on the go.
  15. this barry’s bootcamp-esque workout is my favorite right now.
we’re going to ireland!

(image via)

last week, i YOLO-ed to the fullest and booked flights for marty and i to go visit our friends sarah and ryan in belfast, and i’m so excited i decided that this decision needed its own post.

the hawks moved to belfast in 2014 as ryan began earning his PhD from queens university (you can read about their decision to go here on sarah’s blog). i miss them terribly-clearly since the second most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done was to book a flight to denver last september to spend more time with them before they went back to belfast. sarah knows me pretty well and knew that if she didn’t pester the tar out of me, i would keep coming up with reasons to put off our inevitable trip to belfast. so last week when she sent me a great deal on a flight she found, i jumped on it and we’re going in august!

though i used to travel a lot with my last nanny gig, i’ve never had the opportunity to go to europe and i am SO EXCITED. and also a little terrified because marty and i have never travelled that far “by ourselves” (he’s never been out of the country and i’m used to a tour manager doing everything for me and me just showing up) so everything about this trip will be an adventure.

if you have any must-dos for belfast i would love to hear them! the only thing i feel like i NEED to see is the titanic museum, because jack and rose forever, but other than that i have no expectations! i’ve been re-reading julia and carly’s posts from their ireland trip last year trying to gather inspiration and must-dos, but really at the end of the day all i really want is to drink good beer, snuggle the hawk kiddos, and laugh with my friends.

zara basics.

thank y’all so much for all of your kind words after wednesday’s post. being vulnerable is not my strong suit, and i appreciate all of the support! okay back to clothes 🙂

i first saw this sweater/sweatshirt/no really sure what to classify it back in december at the zara in disney springs. for some really dumb reason, i walked out of the store without it and haven’t really stopped thinking about it since. the bell sleeve isn’t too aggressive and the material is the SOFTEST (very wildfox-esque). i was so happy when i was browsing the zara sale section and found this top for under $15. honestly, i really should’ve bought it in every color.

at the risk of sounding like a loser, this outfit makes me feel very new york casual. i think its the loafers-they make me feel incredibly trendy and grown up.

details: zara bell sleeve shirt (very similar), rag and bone jeans, zara loafers (similar, really want these)


also, in case you’re having a bad day, here’s this ridiculous outtake:




(image via)

when i first started trying to draft this post in december, the intention was that it would be a list of goals and resolutions for the new year. however, as i started thinking about and gathering my thoughts about those goals, they all generally centered around my struggle with anxiety. so, the resolution post has been scrapped in hopes that by sharing my anxiety it will be therapeutic for me and maybe helpful to someone else struggling with the same things? also, this is a bit long, so now’s your chance to run.

here we go.

i have always been a worrier. but in college the worrying i would do every once in a while, settled in and took deep root in my senior year when the plan i had for my life started to unravel bit by bit. you know when you’re riding the tower of terror and you know you’re about to freefall but you don’t know when its going to happen? thats how i felt for the better part of 2010. every time a plan i had fell apart or didn’t work out the way i thought it would, i would white knuckle cling to the other plans and routines in my life, essentially missing my entire senior year of college.

a lot of my new anxiety subsided after graduation when i moved home, started dating a new boy, and settled into my new routines of working at starbucks and church and mentally preparing to move to raleigh for seminary within the year. alas, that plan changed when i realized that taking on a bazillion dollars in student debt would never really balance out with a children’s ministry salary. i will never forget the day i decided not to go to seminary. my mouse was hovering over sallie mae’s apply button, i called my dad, and he said, “are you really sure you want to do this?”, i said “nope”, exited the screen and wiped my hands clean of that dream.

changing my career path was the last door the anxiety monster needed me to open. i can’t really remember a time since the day i decided not to go to seminary that i haven’t felt that pit of my stomach, about to free fall feeling. don’t get me wrong, forgoing seminary was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. however, it was a plan-a big plan-and plans are my security blanket. without a plan, i had nothing to shield myself from anxiety.

its important to note that through all of this, i didn’t know that the way i was feeling was anything beyond worry and just general side effects of being a little type a. it wasn’t until my first panic attack in 2013 that i started googling anxiety and what it actually means to deal with anxiety day in and day out. i’m pretty functional within my anxiety. i’m very self aware and i’m able to recognize times when i’m in my “anxious brain” and do things to try and calm it down. the things that work best for me are journaling, taking deep breaths, and doing something completely mindless (my current favorite is playing skip-bo on my phone). i make sure to exercise 5-6 days a week because i know that the endorphins help A LOT (“exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!”) and i take this sleep aid so that my brain is forced to shut down at night. i’m also very thankful to have a husband that is willing to let me vent and get out all of my anxious thoughts (because saying them out loud and hearing how ridiculous they all are often helps) as well as an amazing group of friends that do the same.

i’m aware that this is a pretty left field post for someone trying to get a foot in the door in the world of style blogging. though i consider myself pretty functional within my anxiety, i have also allowed my anxiety to take some of the best things in my life from me (including my dream job), and its trying to creep in and take this blog from me before i really even get started. so, i’m doing what every self conscious anxiety filled person does and i’m putting all of these thoughts on the internet for the world to see.

because at the end of the day, my goal for 2017 is just to not let anxiety win.