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this overall skirt situation was one of my more random late night online shopping finds. and you’ll never guess where i found it-old navy! for $14! i may never win anything ever, but at least i’m a pro online shopper.

i’m not hating this no-winter winter we’re having. i’ve logged a lot of patio time so far and i don’t plan on stopping any time soon (#basic).

details: old navy overalls (similar), similar striped t-shirt, golden goose sneakers



i love all the little details in this outfit.
its a pretty basic outfit formula: sweater, jeans, and boots. but the open back of the sweater, the rips in the jeans, and the pattern of the boots give a basic outfit idea a lot of personality.

also i think its safe to say that i have a boot problem. sorry not sorry?

details: free people sweater (sold out, this was this seasons version i think?), free people bralette, free people boots (mine are from poshmark, these are similar), current/elliot jeans

sales & steals.

(image from this post)

is anyone else as desperate for a vacation as i am? i know it hasn’t been THAT long since i was on vacation, but this week i’ve been desperate to get out. if anyone has any cheap vacation ideas, please let me know!!

there are some pretty great presidents day sales going on this weekend, so i plan to do some shopping to lift my spirits.

j.crew: 30% off with the code WEEKEND
my favorite jeans are under $100 (seen here and here), this is such a cute spring dress, so many great swimsuit deals i can’t even narrow down my favorites, the cutest striped turtleneck, love these aviators, classic new balances in a great color, my favorite iPhone 6 cases for less than $10, one of my favorite shirts i own, so in love with this cami (and so mad i ruined mine after new years)

target: 25% off apparel and shoes with cartwheel
obsessed with these slides that sort of look like my dream hermes pair, love these mesh insert leggings, i’m all about a striped jumpsuit, the bell sleeves on this sweater are perfect,   every single swimsuit, my favorite pajamas ever (i have them in two colors)

free people: 25% off select styles + free shipping
my favorite bralette is 2 for $30 (such an amazing deal!!), i want this top in every color, i love the pattern on this off the shoulder dress, a patriotic tank for less than $20, this open back t-shirt is in my cart, classic skinny jeans for less than $50, looooove the heel on these boots, this ring set is darling

other great sales:
macy’s: extra 20% off + free shipping at $49
old navy: up to 50% off storewide + 30% off your order
gap: up to 40% off storewide + 25% off your order
nordstrom rack: extra 25% off clearance
nordstrom: up to 40% off with their winter sale
banana republic: 40% off your purchase
ASOS: 20% off with the code PREZ20

jeans & a t-shirt.

you can just never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. the cut of this t-shirt is so flattering and a great staple to have in your closet for those days you just don’t know what to wear-which for me happen every single day. its a shame this shirt doesn’t come in multiple colors; i’d have a whole throw on and go arsenal.

details: fairchild shirt, j.crew jeans, forever 21 hat (similar), dolce vita booties (similar)

ps: i highly recommend checking out the entire fairchild line (here or here). every piece is BEAUTIFUL. i only own this shirt and this star top, but i’ve got my eyes on this moto jacket, this blazer, this knit dress, and this embroidered blouse.


fifteen links.

(image from this post)

is it just me, or has this been the longest week ever? i’m so so happy its finally friday! i hope y’all have a relaxing weekend. i’m hoping to spend as much of it as possible sleeping and in sweatpants. if thats you’re plan too, i have some links for ya! happy reading!

  1. when marty and i moved, we opted not to get cable since we rarely watch live tv and almost every network we DO watch has an apple tv app with a live tv option. i was happy as a clam with this setup until i realized that the two channels that show the golden girls do not have apps. i usually spend my sunday mornings watching the golden girls and drinking coffee and i haven’t been able to do this since october and honestly my heart is hurting. thankfully, the ladies will FINALLY be streaming starting monday. thank you, hulu, for being a friend.
  2. obsessed with this free (FREE!) printable from love & lion for valentines day. i discovered their adorable etsy shop on a late night instagram blackhole and i just love it all.
  3. anna wrote a very touching post about her grandparent’s love story after her grandfather’s passing. that kind of love is rare these days it seems, and her grandparents story is such an inspiration.
  4. apparently nashville is getting an indoor drive in theater? who even thought such a thing could exist, but it sounds awesome.
  5. this bell sleeved button down/leather leggings/loafer combo krista is wearing is my favorite fashion post this week.
  6. ashley reviewed these valentino rocketed caged flats dupes on her blog this week and now i can’t stop thinking about them! the matte black ones have gone in and out of my cart several times. i just have a hard time paying $100 on shoes from china, but thats probably just me being weird.
  7. sticking with the rockstud theme, i love these lace up steve madden sandals. i can’t decide if i want them in black or tan (or both :))
  8. if i had it my way, all my best friends would be in nashville. but because the world doesn’t revolve around me and my wants, they’re scattered all over the place (charleston, atlanta, IRELAND, you get the picture). technology makes it seem like everyone isn’t so far, but i loved reading carly’s tips on maintaining long distance friendships. i intend to find out all of their love languages this week so i can up my long distance friendship game.
  9. i love the chunky heel on these zara boots. and for $30 you might as well get both colors!
  10. reese witherspoon and her daughter are twins, seriously. i love this picture of them from the big little lies premiere. also, who else can’t wait for big little lies? the book is one of my all time favorites and i can’t wait to see HBO’s spin on it. not to mention, the cast is INCREDIBLE.
  11. i did embarrassingly well on this titanic quotes quiz. jack and rose forever and ever, y’all.
  12. this shirt is currently in my cart at j.crew.
  13. as someone who struggles with [often] crippling anxiety, i really loved katie’s honesty about hers, as well as her tips for managing without medication.
  14. i can’t pick a favorite part of this justin timberlake interview. gosh i love him.
  15. i’m trying to stay away from award shows this year, however, the grammy’s performance line up is just too good.

i know what you’re all thinking.
i teach preschool, why would i ever spend THAT much money on a pair of boots?

well, i’ll tell you:

  1. i’ve literally been thinking about the lowland boots for two years nonstop. i’ve even had more than one dream about them i love them that much.
  2. i’ve tried on multiple pairs of dupes that looked and felt cheap, but that didn’t necessarily have a cheap price tag. i’m just not going to spend $200 on a cheap pair of boots that i would have to replace in a year. i also considered buying a pair pre owned from poshmark or eBay, but i couldn’t find a pair in decent condition for less than $500, and paying that much for a pair of worn shoes seems crazy to me.
  3. i follow many MANY bloggers that own these boots, and every one of them says that the stuart weiztman boots last a lifetime. they are truly a timeless investment.
  4. the specific pair i bought (the trio) are a unique twist on the classic lowland style that seemingly every blogger has. when i saw them marked down 40% on christmas day, i started really considering taking the plunge.
  5. YOLO and treat yo’self. though a very immature reason, its a good one. my husband and my dear alice both brought up the fact that this is a big purchase no matter the circumstances and that i’m always going to struggle with wanting them versus wanting to drop that kind of cash on them so i might as well just go for it and enjoy the shoes.
  6. biting the bullet and in investing these boots has helped me really consider every purchase i make and think about my closet as a long term investment, rather than just a place to hold the products of my retail therapy.

i feel like i’ve truly invested in my closet and myself with this beautiful pair of boots (i know that sounds dumb), and i don’t expect anyone to really understand it. however, if you do get it and you’re ever wanting to make a large purchase like this, i will be more than happy to help you pro/con it and search for the best deal 🙂

details: j.crew button down (similar), j.crew jeans, stuart weitzman boots (sold out, available in brown here), zara purse (similar)


valentine’s day.

(marty and i dancing at my cousin’s wedding last may)

at the end of last week when i was trying to plan out blog posts for this week, i thought to myself, “this will be easy. i’ll just shoot an outfit and then do a valentines gift guide.” said the girl that has never really celebrated and/or cared about valentines day. when you are awkward for the majority of your life, you quickly learn not to really care about valentines day outside of the box of chocolate your dad buys you every year. that being said, i did my best to come up with a valentines gift “guide” of sorts without any actual knowledge or experience giving gifts on valentines day.

our valentines plans will probably involve taco bell and krispy kreme, so if you wanna steal that idea you’re more than welcome to it. if you are into gift giving, i think i have some pretty solid suggestions below, if i do say so myself.

for him:
tie bar gift box-includes ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and socks; the new york times 36 hours book (a great gift and a great way to passive aggressively suggest a getaway), cool nikes, engraved flask, comfy robe, sunglasses, his favorite album on vinyl

for her:
concert tickets (ariana grande is in nashville on valentine’s and reba is at the ryman the day after), a classic watch, pearl earrings, “i tolerate you” sweatshirt (its funny because its true), custom date keychain, a fun dress, rose all day candies

for the kiddos:
bae t-shirt, pinkalicious book set (pinkalicious is a favorite in my class), adventure kit, a sweet little rocking horse, any star wars dress up costume, trolls on DVD

not a potato.

we’ve all seen (and related to) that saying on instagram, “when an outfit looks cute in my head but when i put it on i look like a potato.” i touched on it a little in this post, but i’ve been feeling majorly uninspired lately (still working on that resolutions post-whoops), and i’m just not loving ANYTHING i put on my body. however, when i got dressed yesterday morning, i actually loved what i had come up with. i got these nikes from the net-a-porter final clearance sale for something like $50, and i cannot describe how much i love them. I LOVE THEM. they’re so comfortable, so unique, and they’re definitely helping me through my style rut.

details: j.crew shirt, gap jeans (similar), nikes (similar)

photos by lauren dickens