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fifteen links.

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i don’t know about y’all, but i really could use another good snow day (or 3). nothing too crazy, just enough snow to force us all to stay in and relax for a few days. is that too much to ask??

  1. did y’all hear that forever 21 is now offering full returns instead of just store credit? game. changer.
  2. speaking of forever 21, these gucci dupes are amazing.
  3. i really loved liz’s secrets to a happy marriage. (side note-her little boy charlie is SO CUTE.)
  4. the asos off the shoulder dress i wore in this post this summer is now on sale for $16 in lots of colors!
  5. if you haven’t started netflix’s “a series of unfortunate events,” you MUST. neil patrick harris is SO GOOD its unreal.
  6. loved this rolling stone interview with john mayer about the search for everything.
  7. really into these elevated joggers mary is wearing in this post.
  8. brighton’s its okay not to be okay post really hit me in the feels.
  9. how stinking cute are these valentines day cookies carly made? i feel like i would really fail if i tried, but then again i think these would be adorable for my little class.
  10. i just bought these boots from poshmark and i LOVE them. they’re a perfect dupe for the acne jensen boot that are so beautiful.
  11. i had never remotely heard of hygge until meghan’s post. apparently its a danish concept that means a “state of cozy,” which is something i can totally get behind.
  12. almost made it through this week’s “this is us” without crying, until the sucker punch in the end left me crying. don’t read this mandy moore interview if you haven’t watched the latest episode though!
  13. political beliefs aside, we can all agree that this is funny right?
  14. i don’t watch the bachelor, but i love reading alice’s recaps and laughing at that crazy corinne girl.
  15. i really want to make it to charleston this year to visit my best friend, and i bookmark nearly every suggestion julia makes. most recently added to that list are her 6 things to do on a short trip to charleston.



i had my eyes on these embroidered gap jeans for a few months before i finally pulled the trigger. distressed denim is my favorite denim, and the embroidered details set this pair far apart from my other jeans. gap actually still has my pair in stock in a lot of sizes-and if i did my math correctly, they’re on sale for right around $20. amazing. i’m currently on the fence about this pair.

details: gap jeans, vneck, aldo boots via nordstrom rack

the one where becca runs.

[if you can tell me what tv show this post title is referencing, i’ll give you a cookie..]

i’ve talked about my workout routine a little here and here, but i really need whatever workout i’m doing to keep me entertained and not bore me. i don’t run as much as i want/used to, but lately i’ve been trying to squeeze in a short jog at least once a week just to take advantage of the not winter we seem to be having here in tennessee. it just seems like a waste not to you know?

details: old navy shirt (can’t find it online anymore, but this is a very similar long sleeve version), old navy leggings, nikes, fitbit



this is the kind of thing you can get away with wearing when its 70 degrees in january. i own exactly two off the shoulder tops. both of them are pinstriped. both of them are from j.crew. basically, i bought the short sleeved version of this shirt back in the fall and loved it so much that i immediately snagged the long sleeved version when i saw it in store. if you love something, buy multiple versions of it right?

details: j.crew off the shoulder top, j.crew jeans, DV booties 

MLK day sales & steals.

image is an outtake from this post.

happy last three day weekend until april, y’all. what better way to celebrate than to shop?!

j.crew: up to 70% off original prices with the code SHOPNOW
my love and devotion to j.crew is unending. though there aren’t a ton of noteworthy new arrivals right now, there is SO MUCH goodness in the sale section. and some literal steals. a $4 phone case. my favorite swim suit top for $10 (i already had this is white, and i just ordered it in black and navy). the classic field jacket for nearly half its original price. great prices on the new balance x j.crew line. i’m in love with everything and it was hard to choose, but i ended up ordering this crop top since its so unique and out of my comfort zone. j.crew is also discontinuing their wedding line (so upsetting), so there’s amazing deals on their bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses right now. if i were to do my wedding all over, i would wear this simple, dreamy gown.

banana republic: 40% off full priced items and 50% off sale with their “not your average sale” event
banana is pretty hit or miss for me, but when they hit, they HIT. i actually went in the store over the weekend and was amazed at how many things i fell in love with. i tried on these jeans and was OBSESSED. i didn’t pull the trigger on them because i already have a great pair of light wash raw hem jeans (seen here and here), but if i can’t get this pair off my brain by the end of the day i’m going to have to order them. i love the button detail on this sweater so much. these shoes were marked down to $33 in store, so if you like them its worth going to the closest banana republic to find them. so many classy trends in one shoe-i love them. this is such a fun cami and could pair with so many things you already have in your closet. i’m a firm believer that leopard is a neutral.

nordstrom rack: surprisingly, they’re not doing clear the rack this weekend. however, there are TONS of great markdowns right now.
i bought these booties this week after seeing them on one of my friends and i LOVE them. they’re SO comfortable and they look so much more expensive than $40. i am in love with every pattern/color of this rash guard. i should probably just go ahead and buy every option right?! you know, for all the surfing i do during the summer (HA!). this is such a great LBD and would be so easy to dress up or down. the perfect wildfox tee to go with my perfect wildfox sweatshirt. i’m kind of really loving this free people white jumpsuit/overalls situation. this donut phone case speaks right to my heart. this isn’t a steal necessarily, but definitely a great price on this suede fringe cape. i mean, all the praise hands and heart eyes.

other sales: old navy is doing 30% your order and free shipping with an order $25 or more,  anthropologie is still running their tag sale with an extra 40% off of sale items with the code TAGTIME, macy’s is offering an extra 25% off of clearance, gap is doing 40% off your purchase with the code GREAT, everything at j.crew factory is 50% off, and as always, nordstrom’s sale section is wonderful.

snow day.


its crazy to think that these pictures were taken this time last week. i’m not sure what this tennessee winter craziness is, but i don’t exactly hate it because at least i got one snow day out of it. and yes, this is what i wear to go out in the snow because i live in tennessee and i know better than to invest in a heavy winter coat.

details: gap sweater (similar), gap leggings, uniqlo t-shirt (i discovered this store/brand when we went to disney and i’m obsessed), nikes, j.crew hat (similar), sunglasses




writers block.

my plan was to share a list of my new years resolutions and goals today, but as it turns out i’m having a very severe case of writers block. if i’m being honest, its more like a creative block. i’m having a really difficult time styling outfits, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing text, and anything else that goes along with trying to be a blogger. i know what i want to say, but i don’t know how to say it. and thats a theme thats stretching throughout my entire life right now. hopefully, a resolution post is coming soon. not for you guys necessarily, but for myself. i started this blog mainly to stretch myself and force myself to be confident and its kinda having the opposite effect at the moment.

thats a lot of honesty for your monday (if you could see my face as i’m typing i’m making a really awkward one), so here are my outfit details:
free people sweater, 7FAM jeans, dolce vita booties (similar)

fifteen links.


(image from this post)

well y’all, we survived the first week of 2017. only 353 more days until christmas is here again, which doesn’t seem like too terribly long, which means i can just keep my tree up right?

  1. if you somehow missed mariah carey’s sh**show of a NYE performance, here it is. also, here’s a great buzzfeed article that perfectly articulates why in spite of her NYE performance, i will still do everything in my power to go see her on tour with lionel richie (spoiler alert its because she’s mariah freaking carey and always be my baby is one of the greatest pop songs of our time and we should all be thankful we have it in our lives).
  2. i just ordered this baseball hat from nordstrom. i didn’t have to be told twice to buy a $10 hat that will literally go with everything i own.
  3. john mayer performing one of his new songs “moving on and getting over” at an L.A. show this week is everything. the dancing is too perfect and i can’t wait for him to tour again.
  4. how to dress to flatter your body, according to science
  5. the bachelor started again this week. i’m one of four people in the U.S. that doesn’t watch, but i DO read alice’s recaps because they’re the best. i can’t imagine how much i’d enjoy them if i actually watched the show.
  6. apparently, there’s going to be a $69 flight from NYC to europe starting this year. hope my friends in ireland are ready to host me every month.
  7. i’ve been having a hard time lately waking up in time to go to the gym or really do any sort of longer workout. if i’m working out at home, i don’t really like to repeat workouts often, and the popsugar fitness youtube channel has TONS of videos to choose from.
  8. i’ve been curious about the new girl scout smores cookie, so if cookie monster likes it then it must be good. speaking of those delicious cookies-whos gonna sell me some?!
  9. my best friend and her husband came over for dinner monday night, and i made this incredibly easy meatloaf and raving about it since. meatloaf isn’t an incredibly time consuming meal as it is, but this recipe made it so easy i think my three year old students could make it.
  10. i loved grace’s “10 ways to be healthier” post. such easy ways to start the new year off on the right foot.
  11. i recently ran out of this blow dry spray and didn’t rebuy because for some reason i didn’t think it actually cut my blow dry time. big mistake. i’ve since learned (the hard way) that it actually cut my blow dry time in half and i just reordered it.
  12. i typically hate pink, but kacey musgraves’ living room makes a strong case for it. so dreamy.
  13. why 2016 wasn’t actually “the worst” and we should all stop saying that.
  14. old navy is still killing it with the workout gear. i want these herringbone leggings really bad.
  15. i was looking for a picture for this post and came across this southern living article. since nashville seems to have some sort of cold weather/snow barrier, this southern snow road trip sounds just lovely.
junk food.

considering french fries are my favorite food and taco bell is my favorite dinner spot, this sweatshirt was the perfect christmas gift. i love how oversized  and roomy it is-perfect for a travel day or just being lazy.

details: wildfox sweatshirt here or here, gap leggings, nikes, beanie, sunglasses